another day goes by to quickly
Published Sunday July 29th, 2001

Well, looky here, im here again typing a news post... im currently ripping 2 trance cds that my cousin let me borrow... im ripping to my nomad jukebox mp3 player.... ahh... whaaa? pay? buy a cd? no.... however... i do plan on buying some trance cds whilst i am here.... hmm.. that will be the first time ive bought a cd since.. uhh.. i can remember.. at least a year or soemthing.. lol... ehh.. yep... hmm... so... today is the 2nd day of luethy.nets existens! woohooo! cool, huh? hmm.. soo.. anyways... today... what did i do today.. oh! yes! today i went on a motercycle trip with my grandpa[dads] and my grandma[dads]... it was funner than i thought it would be! Now, its planed that my grandpa[dads] and i go to italy and then southern switzerland on another motorcycle trip.... we