Time for a news post!
Published Sunday October 21st, 2001

Well well well! another weekend has past, and well, this weekend wasnt very productive.... *cries* Lister is rolling along, slowly however.... hm... yea, and my "Studio" site Emel Studio is uh.. well, it looks exactly like it did a couple days ago. grr... once i get it up, Emel Studio will contain everything and anything on projects, news on those and any such, the legal mp3's will go there and so will the "DJ Emel Stream" ... fun! bascialy.. then, this page will be completely my homepage.. and. just.. be.. like. yea.... my homepage... o.O yea.. hm.. gota have a website for everything! haha.. yea, ok.. uhm.... these news posts are very repetative and boring, no? If you ever check out the Emel Studio posts in the future. they'll be more profesional, better gramar.... ALMOST NO .....!!! haha... oh, look, there go some more periods.... and some more... wheeeee! ok... anyways, hm.. tomorrow i got school again, baaah... oh!! all weekend, my internet connetcion to the .. internet.. has sucked.... something is wrong somewhere and since it was the weekends no one seemed to do anything about it.... my download speeds were (AND STIL ARE!!!) at around 56k modem speeds!! aaah!!!! and my Upload speeds are in the 1Mbits range... ey!?what a great ration! 56:1000 oh how swell and dandy! *explodes* today, however.... my up and down both changed.. for some odd reason.. the last time i checked... im at ~260:~260, GREAT! JUST SWELL!! *explodes some more* loading a page is sooo horribly slow... *cries* it sucks..... i want my fast speed back! hmph! oh well.. anyways. hm.. yea... tomorrow i have school again... baaaaaah!!!! nOT aGAiN! argh! oh-well.... another day of german, science, english, history, pe (URGH!!!!!) and math.. grrr... how about a day of sleep, computer and.. sleep+computer! i think ill go for that! hmph!