Visual Cues
Published Friday September 17th, 2004

Tuesday i went to Bern with my grandparents car after eating lunch with them. I drove for around 40 minutes into Bern and parked in a parking-building in the old-city. I really was not sure where i was driving to, and just sort of followed memories from when my grandma and i went to Bern the week before and road signs. Turned out well, no problems. I went to some travel agency which was supposedly oriented towards teens and youths. Didn't find much of anything interesting that i had not already know about, and so i left again. I went to Bern's main train station where i waited at the "treffpunkt" or meeting-point, which is exactly that: A point on a square hanging from the ceiling with arrows point to it. Here, i met up with Corinne who i had met at the party i went to with Sabrina on September 4th and had been conversing with her over the past week.

We walked about Bern a bit until we got something to drink at a cafe. We chatted for some time, and then it became colder. We then walked to another cafe/restaurant where we ordered some more drinks and continued chatting and joking. At around 20.45 we returned to where i had parked my grandparent's car. While on our way we passed some people who we saw shooting up heroin. Just, simply.. out on the street in a bench while it was raining.. Not exactly my ideal place to shoot up heroin.. Then again, what would i know about shooting up heroin? (Hint: Nothing.) Insistingly, i drove Corinne back to where she lived, and then drove home myself. After getting a bit lost and disoriented, driving along some.. random roads, i finally found my way out of Bern and on the appropriate way back home. Hint to myself: Landmarks and visual cues are difficult to use for navigation when it is pitch dark and raining. Err.. Ha ha. I got back home at around 21.50, after around 50 minutes of driving. My grandma was a bit upset because i failed to mention that i'd be as late as i was. I also failed to really realise how late it was.. Heh. Good job, me! Meh..

At around midnight i booked my flights to and from Athens, Greece. October 16th at 09.45 from Zurich to Athens and on November 3rd at 14.00 from Athens back to Zurich. Woot! I'm just going to go and.. worry about what to do and where to go from there. Island hopping is on my mind. Santorini, a definite. Spend a day at the Acropolis..or two.. So forth. M'm. I can't wait. Wonder how this will turn out.

On Wednesday early morning i made bookings for a flight to Athens, Greece with the flier-miles that i had with Swiss. I used all 30,000 flier miles that i had for a round trip flight to and from Athens flying Business class. I also made some enquiries into hotels and travel groups. In the morning i sent a fax to a hotel to book a reservation there when i arrive.

For lunch I joined my cousins, aunt and uncle Sommer on their farm. It was just My aunt, Irene, my uncle Fritz, and one of my cousins, Deborah. It was enjoyable. I chatted some with Deborah, and then at around 1500 I joined Irene as she went to Langnau to some book store. I walked about the town as they were having a sort of flee-market, so i browsed about. I bought some incense. I also met this photographer there who had his own little stand selling postcards and photos.

We left, and Irene had to go pick something up at the regional hospital in/near Burgdorf where she is a nurse. I waited in the cafeteria for around 30 minutes and drank some rivella while observing the people around me. We drove back to Wasen, and she dropped me off at my grandparents.

Into the evening i continued organising for going to Greece, as well as the typical chatting and so forth..

<nungana> (00:26:05) Marco Luethy: will you buy my alcoholic beverages when i return to USA if i pay for them?
<nungana> (00:26:16) Roland Luethy: Nope
<nungana> dammit.
<eclipse> ahahahahhaha

Here are some music videos by a group called Apocalyptica whom i've been listening to lately. Rather interesting group.. Metal mixed with orchestral strings. Ha ha.