One of those entries..
Published Monday November 7th, 2005

Posted by xiphias @ 09:59, November 08, 2005
As I get a lot better at this whole idea of having friends, I realize how painful it can be to be away from them, if for only a short amount of time. It's obvious that the trip down to Mike's apartment did some good for you. The hardest part is when they no longer have time for you or reject you, but at least your friends still want to see you. Mindless rambling from a xiphias.

Posted by The+fatty @ 10:04, November 09, 2005
my goodness, an entry -love, Fatty Hag McCracken

Posted by Damon @ 19:12, November 09, 2005
Funny I should be writing my paper but I'm reading your weblog...

Posted by Marco @ 09:35, November 11, 2005
I have addicted you to my ramblings. You are forever in my control.