The One Week Countdown
Published Thursday June 17th, 2004

Is it better to be nescient, oblivious, ignorant and happy,
Or is it better to be versed, au courant, percipient and unhappy?

Should one be empathic and frustrated,
Or should one be apathetic and content?


Well.. Monday was my last day of school. I should have typed up something on that day, because i felt much more passionate about it than i do now.. I showed up for 2 classes, and then excused myself from the rest, and went home. In those 2 classes to which i showed, i took a final in each, both of which were really pointless and rather easy. I took my camera to school and took a few photos. I got a bunch of photos with Jesse, Wes, Adam and Jessica with our once Government teacher who we hated. I'll post them next time.. They're hilarious.

Anyway, yes.. It was the last day of high school, forever. Never, ever more. I'm so relieved. It's finally over. How nice... *sigh* I got home.. and then.. stuff happened, but i can't seem to recall what it was, at all, what-so-ever.. I think we ended up at Jessica's house, and i then returned home sometime around 0300 in the morning.. after watching The Scorpion King and Toy Story 2.. Heh..

Tuesday i .. got up around noonish and compiled/installed software on my laptop all afternoon long untill Jessica and Matt came over.. They fell asleep on my bed, and i continued what i was doing untill we eventually left. We got food at Jack In The Box and brought it with us out to some rock outcrop nearby Point Mugu and we ate dinner there and hung around and climbed around on the rocks.. After, we returned to Matt's house and had a good and fun time hanging out. Was fun. At around 2330 we decided to go on a walk.. A cop pulled up to us and harrased us as a cop would, and we just went back to Matt's house. Jessica and I left Matt's and i stayed at Jessica's house untill 0100 at which time i returned home myself and probably went to bed as i should be doing now because in the morning i had, and have graduation practice, if you want to call it practice, at 0900.. Ugh.

So, indeed.. Wednesdy came along, and i got up at 0815, drove to Jesse's house.. Followed James Chang to school, into upper, with failure.. then ditched the following of Jame's and went and parked in lower. Graduation practice was a massive chaotic mess, no one could understand what the heck the lady was saying on the microphone/PA/whatever.. and.. well.. no one cares, either. After the practice thing-ama-jig we all went to Denny's... Let me list off some names because its funny... Chris, Abe, Tyson, Danielle, Kate, Andy, Wes, Adam, Jesse, Dianne, Kristen, Kay Jay, Brendan, Simon and i'm forgetting people.. Anyway, Gem came with, too! Horray. Hrm, after Denny's i drove back to the lower school parking lot so that Gem could get her car, i then drove to Lazerstar where i met up with Wes, Andy, Brendan, Simon, Tyson, and Adam.. Gem and Jesse then showed up later after getting some money, then James showed up and we then played 2 games of lazerstar-tag or whatever its called. Afterwards we watched James Play some DDR.. We all dispursed and i went to pick up Matt while Gem dropped off Jesse. Adam, Matt and I drove to Chelsea's house where we met up with Gem and then we all (Adam, Matt, Gem, Chelsea and I) drove to the Thousand Oaks mall where we hung around, joked around, pretended to put on female clothing, and just had a good time over all.. Adam and i hid in those circular clothing stands.. and laughed out assess of as some lady walked up, completely oblivious to our presence and just browsed through the clothing while we held back out laughter.. Was hilariously funny..

Anyway, after some time there we returned to Camarillo where i dropped of Chelsea and Gem.. They went to Grad-night at Disneyland, the rest of us went back to Matt's house.. i took a nap while mentaly-grinding through some things which were bothering me, and then Jessica came over. I continued to daze and zone out as i lay there, and then we brought Adam home, went for some food at Taco Bell where we met up with Jesse, returned to Matt's house and watched Outside Providence.. was good. Heh, Jesse spent all afternoon trying to purchase it, then ended up having to rent it.. After the movie was over, at around 2330, we all returned home. I Took a shower, and.. well.. here is this.

Anyway, i should go to bed because i have stupid graduation practice in 6 hours.. Whoo! UGH. So dumb.. I havent dont a meaningul, worthwhile post in sometime.. i should do that, too.. Heh

In exactly one week the day will come when i shall depart for switzerland. Thursday, June 24th at 1900 my flight to Zurich, Switzerland departs.. Im really anxious. I'm sort of stressed, too. All sorts of things i still want to get done.. And time is just flying by at incredible speeds.. Heh..

Posted by matt @ 08:28, June 17, 2004
u gonna upload any photos while ur in ch?

Posted by Marco @ 15:50, June 17, 2004
Matt: Oh i will definately be uploading many, many photos while in europe.

Posted by DI @ 17:14, June 17, 2004
Denny's was great- we must find a way to take up the entire building sometime, that would be hilarious. lucky you, leaving for CH in a week.

Posted by Margret @ 07:28, June 18, 2004
Marco, I think once you are in CH everything just starts flowing. Enjoy the last week here and breath deep. You will have a great expierience in Europe. Love Muti