Things to fall into place
Published Friday September 3rd, 2004

Based purely on my observations of myself, and with great generalisation, one seems to take much more time for simple tasks and performs tasks one would usually not perform when one has all the time in the world. I was just in the kitchen where i made the most perfect "schnitte" or.. bread/butter/nutella spread. I don't know of the English word for this.. I cut of a perfect slice of bread, covered with a perfectly level and even layer of butter, and then topped it of with a perfectly smooth and even layer of nutella. It was so perfect, i should have taken a photo. It spent around 5 minutes just preparing it. This is what I'm talking about. The nutella bread isn't the first thing Ive done in this fashion. Every task seems to be enjoyable. I have no where to bed, i have nothing i definitely have to do and its awesome. No school to worry about; dreading having to wake up and go to school. No nothing. I brush my teeth for 15 minutes, i take a minute to put on each shoe. I even tied them fresh yesterday! Time. Yes.. i recall when i felt i had no time. I feel this no longer, and it is most very excellent.

Since August 19th i've done more of the same. Lounged around a bit, but mainly i have been working on photographs that i have taken in the past 5-6 weeks. On my account i have started selling prints of my photographs. Hooray! Exciting. It would be yet more exciting if someone bought something. Today after waking up at 1100 and having lunch i finished cleaning up all the trash still in the apartment my friends and i used. I went and disposed of the bottles in some recycling bin, and then the similar with glass bottles. Ran some errands for my grandma, and then hoped onto someones Internet connection over their wireless LAN, or wan. Downloaded and sent email, and then returned back to my grandparents flat. I helped my grandma in the garden for a few hours, and then we had a small dinner. I watched a movie, made my nutella bread, and here i am. As far as activity with great importance i have not done much.

So i sit here and ponder exactly what it is i shall be doing now.. Tomorrow I'm going to see about a job, September 18th-September 26th i'm going to southern France with my aunt, uncle and cousins, the Jakob's. In October my grandparents invited me to come along with them to Germany and i believe i shall take them up on the offer. Sometime in October i would also like to go to Greece, or get a European rail pass and drive around Europe via railway, and make my way through Greece at some point. Not entirely sure how that will all go, but by the end of this week i should have a better idea.


Looking through my booklet of notes, i have nothing more i wish to say at this time.. Thus, the end!