3 Days till more DOOM
Published Friday April 5th, 2002

Well then... howdy do.. 3 more days.. and.. then... SCHOOL!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA nooooooo!!! please.. not.. nooooo!!!! aagH!... hmph!
ohwell... grrr, soon enought summer vacation will come, and all will be good again.... right? i sure hope so... Once i go to bed.. all hell will return and.... soon enought. school... blaaah... tomorrow i have to go hiking with my family.. and then afterwards i have to go do stupid video recordign crap for stupid english project.. aga, that will take up the whole weekend... so stupid... especialy when im at the persons how were filming at.. we waste msot of the time haning around.. i just wait there trying to start the filming while they sit and play on their stupid XBox which is totaly against my religion.. (micorosfoft, lol) its annoying.. so, im in no hurry to do that.. i figure, the less time we have to film it, the more stressed for time we'll be and they wont play their xboxes and waste my time, which i could be spending on the computer... *ahem*.. anyways.. lol.. hrm.. well then....
continueation on yesterday... i plan on makeing and finishing listerbot.. as ive said. but, im going to turn luethy.net into a big webmaster suite site thingy.. with these features:
mailing list
remote ftp file editing of their sites
hit counter
banner exchange
all for their sites and stuff such likes.. it will be good.. maybe ill finish the whole project.. some time.. lol.. i also FINALY want to get into 3d animation and imaging.. eh.. yes.. and.. pooey, vacation is almost over.... hrm.. well then... bed time..got get up early to go hiking.. gaaah...