T-13 days to freedom
Published Monday June 2nd, 2003

Yes, 13 days untill im on sommer vacation. W00t!...

Hrm, well then.. it's been a while since my last posting.. what has happened since then... Not a whole lot... lol... Friday i did a stupid "Book Talk" for english.. now i have 2 more to do and ill have 1500 pages... which should be an A.. lol.. yeh... however, on one day i'll have to stay till around 1530 untill its my turn.. argh, thats sucks. buuuiiii buuiiii .... oh well.

Friday we all hung out at chris's house... we played some video games... and .. watched a lot of south park episodes.. lol, then we all went home.. i got home at exactly midnight... lol, yes! Saturday we had an Entropy Design Meeting, online.. via voice chat.. it worked pretty well.. im definately up for doing it again. After that... we were all a bit unoccupied and we wanted to do something.. so.. we went to Chris's house again.. and... just watched more south park episodes.. hahaha... we also watched some random show on TNN... where they dub over asian game shows.. and basically mock.. lol its pretty funny.. heh.. yea.... la de do...

Sunday.. i played some Vice City (gta) on Tysons Playstation 2, which he kindly let me borrow. Heh, i can only play that game for so long, though.. or i become motion sick.. and feel like throwing up for some reason.. lol... sorta sucks... Besides that.. sunday.. i swaped out my broken DVD drive in my tower and replaced it with one i took out of my pc... Then.. i played around a bit trying to figure out why i couldnt play dvd's correctly, and why they kept skipping and such.. at first i thought it was some ide cable thing so i played around a bit by changing wires and who knows what.. nope.. then.. i had a hunch that i might be able to change something on the hardware with hdparm and.. whaddya know.. my hunch was valid. Heh.. and, so.. yep.. i can finally watch DVD's again on my computer, and read other cd's too.. now that my drive isnt defective.. lol... w00t. So, that was worth the trouble.. lol.. Hrm.. and.. right now i am on a Burning spree... target is to free 100gb from one of my drives..... lol, this'll take some time. A bit redundant too.. every oh.. 4 minutes i have to swap cd-r's... lol, fun. I need some dvd+r's.. heh.. that would be convenient... I have this spindle of 50 dvd-r's but.. they're absolutely no use to me because my stupid HP dvd burner only supports over priced dvd+r's... ARGH. lol... Why couldnt those dumbasses pick a single standard. grrr. lol.

Hrm.. now here's a question... its been about 5 days since i shaved... So the question is.. to shave.. or not to shave.... heh... to be lazy.. or.. to not be lazy... d'oh... Its going to take forever to shave this crap off.. maybe i should just leave it.. lol... *contemplates*.. hrm.... hrm... hrm.... decisions, decisions.. lol

Well bwah.. its late... i should end this here... must.. go.. to bed!