A Long Night
Published Sunday January 28th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Télépopmusik, feeling tired.

Dead car. Damn my finger.

Story Time..

Went to Dianne's 21st birthday party last night with Jesse Orosco, Raymond Robles and a friend of Ray's Griffin. Turned out to be quite an adventure. Upon arrival in Isla Vista my car was acting rather weird and sputtering as it released a giant cloud of odd exhaust (coolant burning?) I called AAA and so we waited 70 minutes for them to show up while parked in parking lot 27 on UCSB where we had picked up Griffin. The guy showed up and was fairly useless. He told me it would cost $300 to tow back to Camarillo and that he didn't think he was going to send any drivers out of town that night because they were busy (it was raining rather steadily.) I decided to keep driving the car, and we grabbed some dinner at Outback Steak House (where I awkwardly ran into Chelsea's friend Ashley) before going to Dianne and Kristen's flat where the party was at.

The party was.. interesting. Perhaps too many people in a too small space. Kristen describes it well here. Either way, I think my company had a good time. After we left, we walked around Isla Vista for an hour or so. Isla Vista.. Is a special place. I've only seen it at night on the weekends. We dropped off Griffin on the way back towards the freeway.. and my oil temperature slowly started to rise well beyond what the thermometer was capable of displaying.

I got off the 101 in Sommerville where we waited for the engine to cool down for 40 minutes at some closed down gas station. It was cold. It was rainy and wet. A cop dropped by, then left again. After what seemed like forever I made a dash back to Camarillo. My car sputtered and chugged. It had almost no power. As our speed dropped below 60mph while getting off on the Lewis Rd. offramp, the engine cut out and that was it. Jesse and Ray pushed the car through the intersection and we abandoned the vehicle over by the American Legion Post or whatever that building is.

It was a bit past 4 in the morning. We set off on foot towards Jesse's abode. It was raining and cold. We were all giddy and quite happy that we made it back to Camarillo, our beds just a few more minutes away. Jesse drove us home and so concluded our adventure.

Here are some more (unrelated) photos I've neglected to link to.

Posted by Jesse @ 23:20, January 28, 2007
Of all the nights...

Posted by Bear @ 12:14, January 30, 2007
Of all the OOoooOoo's