Birds.Fled.From.Me. - "Falling Down" Music video
Published Sunday March 4th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Birds.Fled.From.Me. - Falling Down, feeling slightly jealous of other's accomplishments.

Birds.Fled.From.Me., an old friend of mine, posted her new music video for her song "Falling Down" via a MySpace bulletin, and I thought it was worthy of a re-mention here. While the music video is still a bit away from that so called "professional" level, it's still pretty cool. (What the hell is "professional" art anyway?)

Posted by The fatty @ 20:36, March 09, 2007
hoorah! I need to check out her website cause I haven't done so in ages and I rather enjoy her music and had a great time that once our paths crossed at In-N-Out in Newbury. That was fun, tee hee!