2 Days till Doomsday
Published Sunday August 26th, 2001

Hm, welp welp welp, another day has gone by, bringing me yet closer to the day of horror. The day when horrible things start again. The day when everything which was nice goes away. The day that will expunge the summer rituals that i have created. The day when S*HOOL STARTS! *shrieks and horrified screams echo through the internet* Yes, it's true. For me, Doomsday is a meer 2 days away. Sunday (already 2.5 hrs into it), and Monday. Then the horrible horrible, utmost horrific day in the year... when school starts.... Tuesday... Nooooo! How sad, how depressing. How annoying, how boring. How meaningless, and whatnot-such other terms available out there.... Ehhr, well. What's there to say, furthermore? What can one do but do as he is commanded? And when one is commanded to go to such horrid places as i must in 2, then what is there left for such one to do? Ehhr, alas, all i can do, is sit here, and await, this horrid place that i must go to, creep up upon me and enbalm me... Ehh, horrid s*hool awaits me, all i can do is let it take me. *sob*
Well, then. In other news... haha. Yesterday was another programing day, and also... a napping day... At about 1600 i ran out of energy so i went and took a 2 hr nap... lol, and well.. thats prety much the only news. haha, till next post!