OU OnePage Formally Announced!
Published Wednesday May 17th, 2006

WebsiteASP, Inc. has formally announced OU OnePage! There’s a press release on yahoo. (Mirrored here by WebsiteASP) There’s also a product overview with a screenshot here.

If I felt like being dramatic, I could get into how this is my first piece of software that is being sold for commercial gain on behalf of a company. But, I guess since I just mentioned it, I don’t have to be dramatic and get into the details.. Or something.

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I guess some non-marketing details might be interesting. Onepage is a hosted LAMP (or LAMPS) service(/deployment) where the P stands for PHP. It utilizes a lightweight, home brew AJAX toolkit to provide a modern, Web 2.0esque UI. It’s been tested to work on modern platforms and browsers. Onepage can add features similar to those of Google Home, Netvibes, or Pageflakes to virtually any web page. (Ew, that last one sounded very marketing-like, but it’s true.) (You must login to gain access to this content.)

Just thought I’d share.
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