Day's Pass By
Published Friday July 2nd, 2004

A flower from my grandmas garden. Many enhancements..

Hrm, two days have passed again, more quickly than i though they would..

Monday after waking up at 0600, a shower, and a bit lounging around, at around 1100, Andrea and I went over to my other grandparents. My grandparent's on my mom's side, who live on a farm owned and opperated by my uncle, my mom's brother, who has 4 daughters who are thus my cousins. Two of my cousins were around, Monday. Damaris and Mirjam. Damaris is more or less my age by a few weeks, i believe. Mirjam is a year older than Andrea.

Anyway, we went over there and had lunch with my grandparents on my mom's side, after some introductions and greeting people. For lunch we had a form of cheese-cake with vegetables in it, and hamm. It was rather good. After lunch i found some flowers to take photographs of, so i did. Andrea and I "helped" put some young male ..versions of cows into the.. barn, and then we played some board games with Damaris. Damaris showed me her film-slr nikon camera which she took to the Philipeanes (i cant spell) where she stayed a while during winter. Her uncle runs a sort of foster home there and Damaris went there to help out. We looked at some of her pictures. She had some really good ones of children.. They appeared to be very photogenic..

We took their dog on a walk and while walking through town met up with Mirijam who had just gotten out of school. She came with Andrea, Damaris and I.. When we returned, we had some ice cream out on a pattio, and chatted a bit, which was pleseant. Soon after this, Andrea and I headed back over to where we are staying. My grandma was out in the garden, and i joined her with my camera and took photos of random flowers and such-likes.

I went online and chatted with some people a bit, ate dinner, chatted some more.. and then i fell asleep at around 2200 being very, very tired. I slept untill Tuesday morning at around 0615.. Woot! I wish i could get my sleeping schedule fixed again. I don't believe i've ever had this much problem getting adjusted; getting over jet lag.. Heh.

Looking over the edge of a bridge in Bern.

Didn't eat breakfast, and worked on photo's all morning long. The two above. Ate lunch, and then at around 1250, Andrea and i headed down towards the bus station, then we got on a train, then another train, and we arrived in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. We walked through the streets and went up to the top of a cathedrals bell-tower thingo. I took pictures, of course.. Though, none came out amazingly well.. We left the tower, and walked around town some more.. I got a really good shot of a boat in a river, which you can see above and below. Yey. I really like this one. Oh yes. *pats himself on the back* Bravo to me. Heh..

Andrea and i sat down at some outside restaurant and had something to drink and eat. We shared a banana-split and i had a Rivella. I love the taste of vanilla ice cream here. After the little lounging, we walked around a bit more, and i went into a store called City-disk and bought 3 cds..: DJ Energy & DJ Noise - Official Energy 04 Compilation, DJ Tatana - Official Street Parade 04 Compilation, and DJ Tatana - Neon Lights. Horrah! I have yet to listen to them all, though i like how 'Neon Lights' Mix-cd is 1/2 filled with DJ Tatana's tracks. Yey. I approve.

Anyway, we headed back to the train station and got back to my grandparent's appartment within an hour. Heh, it kind of takes a long time to get anywhere interesting as far as train-connections go.. Oh well. When we returned, we had dinner, and then I played around with the photos i had taken today, and the results, as mentioned before, are above and below. Later in the evening, i attempted to get my grandparents ghetto USB adsl pppoe modem to work under linux, or windows on my laptop.. but failed to get it to work. Great. It'd be nice to be able to get my laptop online so that i don't have to ssh into and use a text-email client to check my email.. I'm already not a fan of replying to email.. text-based email client via ssh doesnt encourage anything. I will continue trying untill i succeede.. Heh.. I've got.. 6 months, heh..

Heh, i keep having reoccuring ..though-mares of being mugged while in Greece.. This wouldnt be such a big deal except, i have my baby/camera+lenses with me.. and It gets stolen from me. Id cry for a long time, was my camera stolen. That would really suck, heh. I dunno.. Yep..

I keep hitting these up's and downs of staying here for 6 months.. I doubt that i'll be happy staying here that long, and then, all of a suden im happy that im staying here that long, and then back to doubtfullness.. I dunno.. I need to make some friends or something, that would make things better. Perhaps i'm already lonely.. That is to say, lack of interactions with my friends.. I went from doing something with friends every day, to.. nothing. It would also be cool if i could find some work where i'm with other people so that i can interact with them.. I dunno. We'll see, we'll see.

It's kind of funny, yet not.. but.. still is, that.. when there is a single car accident in the kanton it is major news.. because there is no other local news to report on. There arent too many fatal car accidents.. And when someone crashes in a tunnel, its big news. Kind of amusing.. because over in California you doing really hear much about every fatal car accident.

An observation ive made time and again.. I find people, and by people i mean females, to be more attractive over here then over there. That is to say, a greater amount of persons i am attracted to here, than i am in america. Which is interesting.. Heh.. Is it because of the sort of european diversity here? I've seen more different ethnicities here than i have all year in Camarillo.. Just today alone.. Perhaps it is because of just that, Camarillo is boring and plain. Maybe it would be different if i lived in a larger city in america, but who knows. The fact remains, i find more people attractive here, than in America. *shrugs*

La de do. I'm listening to my cd's.. And seeing as how tomorrow i actually need to get up early i believe i shall call it quits for today, and go to sleep, for sleep is well and great and dandy-swell.. Goodnight.

Posted by Margret @ 20:36, July 02, 2004
Hi Marco, I like your pictures very much! Keep them coming.

Posted by daniela @ 21:48, July 02, 2004
i love those pictures. they make me miss switzerland. so so so so so so beautiful.

Posted by matt @ 03:28, July 05, 2004
i have to agree with the last two comments... the pictures are great