How about a posting?
Published Monday September 22nd, 2003

Mkay, so.. not TOO much new in the rather normal and thus boring life of marco... Friday evening i saw Underworld with mike, wes, adam, who am i forgeting.. eh.. yea.. then we went to Kates house and just hung out, after we ate dinner at Carls Jr, which gave me a stomach ache, or.. rather.. made me feel like throwing up later in the evening.. Heh, fascinating, i know..

Saturday i went to the Getty with Kate... that was fun.. and then..we had dinner with my family, Raclette to be specific... Fun..Okay, so then there was sunday..

Sunday, i picked up Wes, and his old truck-hood.. ... and then i picked up Adam.. we headed back to my house and... attached wes's hood to my family's traktor.. we mounted a video camera.. and then.. uhm.. surfed on the hood... hahahahaha... It was hilarious... At one point i made a jump with the traktors shovel.. floored it and.. i cought air going over it.. and then wes and adam on the hood ran straight through the mound.. it was hilarious.

How about some more photos:

Heh, after hood-surfing wes adam and i went to Compusa where adam wanted to buy a cd-rom drive,but did not cuz he felt he would have been getting ripped off... So, we just hung around there.. and then.. left... Went to in-n-out to eat dinner.. left.. drove around out of boredom.. ended up in newbury park.. went to mikes house.. played some gamecube.. then.. went back home!... fascinating! i know!!

heh.. yea.. so... school.. went there today.. sucked like usual... went home... err.. actually.. i went to kates house to kill 40 or something minutes inbetween picking up my sisters from school, because my parents were in LA picking up 2 guys from switzerland, Mattias and Tobias (20 and 21)... yep... so... they're going to be staying in the guesthouse... heh.... fun fun, no no?

Anyways.. im done...