Here comes July.
Published Wednesday June 28th, 2006

Hm.. Seems I really am slacking with the output of entries. Perhaps I will write one now before IE drives me insane. Huh? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me bitch about it: IE is retarded. Take a look at this image from

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The image clearly states that IE is retarded. Why am I bitching about it? Because It’s not cooperating with me and OnePage. Apparently events on images don’t like to bubble up through the DOM. Works fine in all other browsers including Safari.. But nooo, IE has to be a whoredouchebagfucktard. Oh well. Guess I’m defeated for now..

Found this rather phallic plant while at the beach with Gem!! and Chelsea.. Don't ask..
Right now I’m at home. I’ve been working from home for the past few hours because today at work, during the morning, the power went out for some unknown reason.. What I’m getting at is that.. Working from home is awesome. Working on OnePage with my TV tuner running in the background playing Zoolander on Comedy Central, my comfortable chair.. giant glass of milk! And I’m only wearing a shirt.. hoorah! I would be even happier if IE wasn’t being a whoredouchebagfucktard.. But enough about that.. Maybe.

I suppose I’ve been somewhat busy lately, but still generally rather bored. Let’s see how far back I can remember what I’ve been up to.. I think it was Thursday last week when I went with Gem!! And Chelsea to the ocean near Point Mugu after work. We then went to Chilly’s in Oxnard after buying a case of Bawls from CompUSA where I got to ask the sales-guy where his Bawls were. Kind of entertaining. Gem!! Also bought a case. After we finished dinner at Chilly’s at around 22h-ish, we returned to Chelsea’s house and hung around. A lot of fun like usual because Gem!! Is awesome.

At The Melting Pot
Friday after work my family and Damon picked me up outside of the office and we drove to Westlake to eat dinner at The Melting Pot. We got there at around 18h, and left around 21h.. We ate various types of fondue for 3 hours. Gah! That's crazy! But it was a lot and a lot and lots of fun! Later in the evening Mike, Chelsea, and I rented Cheerleader Massacre from Hollywood video. (We had to get it buffered like one seems to have to with all DVD’s form Hollywood video.) Anyway.. Wow. What an absolutely terrible movie. Pain. Very painful. Not even a B movie. .. It was still quite hilarious to watch.

Saturday I joined up with Mike for dinner at Steak and Hoagie on Arneil Rd. We then drove around randomly throughout Thousand Oaks and Westlake while singing and whistling to music. That’s always a lot of fun. After some time we ended up at Grant’s house. I hadn’t seen Grant in quite some time so it was awesome to see him again. Chelsea joined up with us at Grant’s and we played Amplitude or something on Grant’s PS2.

Chelsea in a mini skirt! I'd roate the picture, but I'm too lazy.
Sunday I sort of got Chelsea to wear a mini-skirt! Ha ha. We went up to Mikes place in the afternoon and watched some episodes of Arrested Development. We went to Hunan Gardens (or something) in Westlake for dinner and returned to Mike’s house where we hung out until heading home.

Work has been pretty interesting lately.. I’ve been working on OnePage non-stop. I’m just about ready to call it 1.0. It actually does everything that the OnePage brochure claims! Amazing! We were supposed to have a meeting today to discuss additional features and a Roadmap, but now only Brian Tusi is at the office because of the power outage. Poor bastard.

Here’s a cool article about how, “social scientists are beginning to understand that they can use blogs, posts, and links in cyberspace to develop and test models of how humans interact with each other.” Definitely a field which interests me a lot. General psychology doesn’t really interest me, but psychology like this definitely does. All I’ve got to say is that I have a fetish for large amounts of somewhat pointless statistics, and I love the internet, and I can program so hire meeeee!!!

I saw this headline today: “Failure for constitutional ban on flag-burning in U.S. Senate” I can’t believe this seriously made it to the Senate. But I guess it really shouldn’t surprise me considering the current government.. I’ll burn all the damned flags that I want. You can even burn a Swiss flag in Switzerland for all I care. I think its fucking stupid to make it illegal. It’s a piece of cloth with symbolic value.. If laws are made against burning cloth with symbolic value.. who knows what will become illegal next.

Meh.. anyway.. I’m going to give another shot at defeating IE..
Posted by christopher michael thielen @ 19:30, June 28, 2006
Alan "IE Users Must Die" Foreman. Your google ad was for "free blog w/o html". I guess it's a flash-based or text-based blog. Silly, huh? jk, sorry about your phallic rock/plant. Some stuff just has to stay at the beach.

Posted by The fatty @ 23:29, June 29, 2006
Gem!! It was so fun, we need to do that again, lol. Next time I wear the skirt I'll wear the thigh highs instead of the knee socks...;) The whole flag burning thing is...well, just plain stupid and the article was pretty interesting and would be a sort of neat field to study as well, though we all know that I would fail terribly at it since it is internet/computer related.

Posted by The fatty @ 23:31, June 29, 2006
HIS NAME IS BROCA!!!!!! Not Waldo, even though that would have been a cool name for him, lol.