Published Saturday December 3rd, 2005

I just finished mixing on my turntables after 5 hours. Mwahahaha! What a great amount of fun! I was streaming my horribly shitty mixing to others, as well! In the future one can tune into my being a shitty DJ by streaming from this location (Probably requires winamp, or accplus capable player). Just look at the webcam on the index page of this site to see if records are spinning on the turn tables, and if so.. tune in to some awesome trance, and shitty mixing. For future practice, I also recorded some of my shitty mixing. An mp3 file is available for ear damage and pain, here (.mp3, 13 MB).

Heh.. anyway.. Lots of fun! Last Wednesday I went with Chelsea and Matt to Guitar Centre where I bought two Stanton T.80?s. They?re pretty. My sisters boyfriend, Kind Sir Damon is letting me borrow one of his mixers ? and a whole lot of vinyls. Wednesday evening Damon also stopped by my room and gave me/all of us (Matt, Chelsea, Daniela) a demonstration and some tips/guidance. Again, thank you very, very, very much, Damon!

Heh.. So yea.. Thursday came along, the Thursday which just ended 39 minutes ago.. And I woke up to go to work.. I get to work.. hardware had failed, my boss was in short pants, had interesting shoes on, and was un-groomed and generally appeared to have been in the office much earlier then usual. By 11.00 everything was fixed and working again. I went home for lunch, stared at my turntables, and went back to work until 18.15. I got home, at dinner? and then?. Played on my turntables for 5 hours non-stop. Yes!!!

Anyway.. This entry is going to be rather brief for I must go to bed so that I can go to work again tomorrow.. and then be awake enough to mix for another 5 hours when I get home from work again! Yes!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!! I?ve wanted turntables for? forever? and now I have them, finally! Having a job which gets you a good amount of money, in this society, is a good thing.. because.. it lets me buy turntables? Anyway.. I?m done. Here are some pictures..

From foga //: Images 2005: /From throughout the year/20051117

A variation of these last two is going to end up as an actual photograph I'll put on deviantart after I reshoot it. Long-term exposure (30 sec) and spinning vinyl, and keeping the subject in focus.. is (are, I know.) a tricky bastard.
Posted by Sir Damon @ 09:21, November 18, 2005
First of all I'm happy I can finally comment on your web log. Sounds like you are getting in a lot of practice in with the 5 hour mixing sessions. Addicting isn't it? I'm sure you are growing accustomed to the vinyl and the equipment. Apologies for the absence of a cross fader on the roland. I think it would be cool if you took a long-term exposure (time lapse?) shot for the duration of the whole song, that way the cartridge and stylus would appear to be blur at every groove across the whole record all at once- just a creative thought I guess. Anyways congratulations and hereâ??s to many hours "in the mix"!!!

Posted by Marco @ 09:53, November 18, 2005
Haha! Indeed, commenting is no longer broken for random people. Rather addicting, indeed! The absence of a cross fader doesn't seem that bad. I know nothing else, but so far its working well. Yea, it would probably be easier to intentially have the arm be blurred accross the whole vinyl then to try to get it well in focus while still spinning.. which is more or less impossible unless i bring in more light, but then the long-term exposure part... kind of disapears... haha.. I'm rambling.

Posted by The fatty @ 18:43, November 18, 2005
Thanks for letting me listen last night! My family and I rather enjoyed it. I can't wait to see you do it "live" again.lol.

Posted by Damon @ 10:11, November 23, 2005
So how's the mixing going Marco? Your fans are hungry for an update!