When the curtain has fallen
Published Thursday September 28th, 2006

Various video clips. Mostly pointless and of poor quality, but.. Why not?
I’ve discovered that having a camera on you at all times is enjoyable. I can just whip it out (my camera) and shoot (photographs.) Apparently Madonna likes New York, and other places make her feel like a dork. o.O My point being (B.S.), that I have all sorts of media to plaster all over this entry. This means that I have to ramble and rant aimlessly for a large portion of this entry so that I can fit all the photos in which I’ve selected to, in fact, fit into this entry. Oh what an endeavour. Oh what a journey. Or something. Madonna loves New York and she wants you to get off of her street. I think Madonna smoked too much Crack 2.0.

Well then, it’s a Wednesday evening and tomorrow I have school. Classes I don’t particularly look forward to going to on any occasion. I can’t wait for the weekend to come. I have no plans, but at least it’ll be weekend. But before this weekend comes, let me tell you about my previous one. Wasn’t particularly exciting, but it also wasn’t particularly un-exciting.

Abby and Matt. Cranberry juice and Smirnoff.
After work Friday evening, and after dinner and some alone time, at around 22h or so, Matt, Abby, Isaac and a short while later Sarah came over and we partook in some shots of Smirnoff while Matt and I DJ’d. It was a Friday night, and everyone was somewhat tired and thus the night ended early at one in the morning. Here are some more photos from the evening.

As Saturday afternoon rolled by, with a shower taken and my stomach soothed, I headed over to Chelsea’s where I met up with her and Matt. Soon Gem made her entrance, we got into Matt’s car, and made our way out to San Bernardino to go to the KROQ Inland Invasion concert. We arrived at around 16h and spent a good few hours wandering around and checking out the venue. Unfortunately the Santa Anna winds were blowing and it was not entirely enjoyable being outside. Luckily, the winds died down as the sun set.

General view of the venue. It filled up quite a bit later in the night.
Various bands played. None of which I particularly cared for. In fact, the whole genre isn’t really my scene. But it was something to do nonetheless. On the giant-screens I thought that the singer (or maybe it was the guitarist?) from 30 Seconds to Mars was rather attractive. Avenged Sevenfold also played as the sun set, but I was rather disappointed. They really didn’t take advantage of the “magic” behind a sunset in their performance.

What made going worthwhile besides it being something to do, was the performance by Muse, which was rather impressive after sun down. I guess their stuff is unique in that, it uses a lot of electronic samples and sounds mixed in with the usually pretty generic rock sounds. Probably why I liked it more. There was also piano being played. I love piano. It was also nice to see their performance contain some energy where as I felt performances earlier in the day seemed kind of dull and dry.

Gem at Inland Invasion
After Muse performed, we left, got gas and then stopped at Wendy’s for dinner. I drove Matt’s car back to Camarillo which we reached at around 21.30. After dropping Chelsea off, Matt and I met up with Isaac and some of his friends. A few of us headed to Blockbuster on Arneil to get a video and as I pull into a parking space at the Blockbuster, I get “pulled” over by a cop who informs me that my driver’s side headlight is out, but amusingly enough switched back on as he said it. An awkward moment passed as he both remarked at, “oh wow, Blockbuster is open till 01.00 now,” followed by, “OK, well get that fixed. Have a nice night.” Ciao! Details of how said incident could have gone awry omitted. Oh! He also asked me how many people there were in my car, to which I responded four (there were 5, I was nervous for various omitted reasons and forgot the fifth) then he asked me if I had been drinking, which I had not. Kind of amusing because I was sober but still failed his blatant “check-sobriety” test.

Anyway, we went into Blockbuster, left and soon it was just Isaac, Matt and myself driving around Camarillo aimlessly and then hanging out in Matt’s car in the Del Taco parking lot until 02.00 Sunday morning.

Return journey out of the tube!
Sunday, Matt, Abby, and myself met up with Alisha in Newbury Park. We hung out near the National Park until Alisha had to leave. We then drove back to Camarillo. We picked up Cory, then met up with Brian, Kevin, and Isaac outside of CVS and then headed to The Habit for dinner just before it closed! Close call!

Eventually.. Somehow, we ended up in the Longs parking lot on Santa Rosa and shortly thereafter inside a water-runoff drainage pipe which we ventured into. We didn’t go all that far in (we were maybe underneath Santa Rosa) before we headed back out. We came out sweaty and moist and smelly. It was rather humid in the pipe. Fun, though. Fun enough to do it again. You can find more photos from the weekend here.

Today while I was at work, Matt Gauger pointed out to me how terrible my weblog entries used to be. This one for example. What was I thinking? Reading that entry seriously pains me. Did I have any grasp of the English language at all? Geesh! Glad to see there is improvement here. I actually tend to write complete sentences these days. Amazing! What a feat!

If you haven’t seen it already, let me link you to the Weird Al parody, White & Nerdy of the song Riding Dirty. Here’s a YouTube link. I love it!

The view of me from Brian Tusi's desk at work. I look so geeky/dorky. My posture is terrible.
Hm.. Well, Monday came along and I had to go to work. Didn’t get too much done in the afternoon because we had a Roadmap meeting which lasted from 14.30 till nearly 18.00. Although, the work in the morning felt satisfying, more so than the previous few weeks. I stayed home after work and just sort of sat around until I went to bed fairly early.

It was time for yet another lovely (not) day of school on a Tuesday. We got our in-class essays back in my world history class that had I completely winged the previous Thursday. I got a B. I’m satisfied with not trying or preparing at all and getting a B. Oh silly Moorpark.

The view of Brian Tusi from my desk at work. He doesn't look nearly as dorky, I think. Still dorky, though.
As Matt and I headed towards our English class, we discovered that class had been cancelled. A fact by which we were more than thrilled. So we drove back to Camarillo. We headed to my house where we reviewed a batch of 24 or 25 new vinyl I had bought. Later, we picked up Abby from her house, picked up Cory from his, and then headed to Newbury Park where we picked up Alisha from her house. We headed to Tony’s Pizza near the 7/11 and ate dinner. Mallory met up with us there. Eventually, after a few various other stops, we returned to Camarillo.

We once again, found ourselves in the Longs parking lot off of Santa Rosa and we again made our way to said drainage pipe on the road which leads up to Mission Oaks. This time we went as far as we could. 10 of us: Joel, Kevin, Abby, Isaac, Cory, Mallory, Alisha, Alisha’s boyfriend Cameron, Matt, and myself. 10 people wandering down this drainage pipe which at first requires bent-over walking until it opens up into a larger pipe. We were unable to continue further after walking at least more than a football field’s length (we must have been under Seizure Village) when we ended up in a room which had three different pipes and was filled with water. So we turned around and made the rather long trek back out.

Labeled "Devils Fork" by graphity on the walls.
Most people left afterwards, but Matt, Abby, Alisha and Cameron headed up to my house where we drank a bit and Matt and I DJ’d. We mixed for a solid and very fun two hours with fog-machine and lights going full force. It was a lot of fun. By 12.30 everyone had left. I rushed through a shower and was in bed by 01.00.

Today I woke up and discovered that my legs were sore and ached a lot from the previous nights trek in the pipe. I had work today. Workie derkie. Actually, work was rather fun today. I sort-of made a clone of CSS Zen Garden with the fake Gallena University website the sales people use to demo our main product as an example of how powerful a tool CSS is in website layout and design with a site/page people at my work are familiar with. I also joined Matt for lunch at Jersey Mike’s Subs over by the Golein Paseo Theatre. Jersey Mike’s is really good. I recommend it for a good lunch.

Hm.. I’ve spent almost two hours of this entry while chatting with Daniela, Damon, and Mike and surfing the web. I’m running out of time! Must end here so that I can go to bed, for I must awake tomorrow to go to class yet again. *ugh* Here are some more photos from during the week.
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