Published Saturday November 24th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to CSS, feeling existential.

I stared at myself in a mirror for a very long time. I looked into my eyes, into my pupils and saw myself. In the mirror I saw my reflection. However, the closer I looked, the greater my uncertainty of my location grew. The longer I looked, the less sure I became of which side of the mirror I was really on. In a violent lurch of vertigo I was thrust forward and my consciousness tumbled to the other side of the mirror. I was now looking at my former self on the side of the mirror I had been on. I pondered what I had left behind on the previous side, and what I had to gain from my current side of the mirror.

Posted by Damon @ 11:53, November 24, 2007
Strange that you posted this, I had a similar experience the other night.

Posted by Damon @ 12:43, November 25, 2007
How do you listen to Cascading Style Sheets? lol j/k

Posted by Marco @ 13:46, November 25, 2007