Downtime inbetween France and Germany
Published Friday October 1st, 2004

Bush will win election because he's the bigger idiot.

*drools* Me wants. Me needs. It's so pretty! *strokes*

Heh.. my 10D has been outdated by the newer model, 20D. *sobs*

Here it is! Another entry from the world of Marco. Fasten your seat belts and brace yourself for a wild adventure through space-time! Thats right, ladies and gentlemen! You're all about to witness another dull entry, so boring that you'll be left scraping off the remains of your brains from the walls of your skull's for millenniums to come! No, doesn't that sound fantastically wonderful? Of course not! However, you're here now, and you're reading these words. You've already been entrapped! There is no longer any hope for your escape from these fateful words. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you these significant words, but.. You got yourself into this mess! Good luck surviving this one.



This week has been somewhat of a downtime. Filled mostly with unrelenting boredom, thus the resultant above. Bored not because there was, or is nothing to do, but more because I did not exactly feel like doing anything which I could have been doing. This week, sandwiched between trip to France and trip to Germany just did not seem to hold much potential for me. Anyway, lets see what I can conjure up as far as what exactly it was that I did do.

Hrm, okay..

Boredom makes me rather cynical and extremely sarcastic.

Sunday I returned from France, thus I shall begin with Monday. As far as I can remember, Monday was fairly slow but not too terribly painful either. In the afternoon, more or less right after lunch, I went and cut some lavender from my grandmothers garden. I love lavender and I have an obsession with it which will likely be my cause of death. Anyway, I stripped the flowers and then tossed them into boiling water to make lavender syrup after adding sugar. Later, after reading actual recipes on the Internet, it appeared not only by the recipe, but also by the very strong and bitter taste of my syrup, that I had put way, way, way too much lavender into the water. H'm.

That was Monday for the most part, Tuesday rolled along and I didn't do a whole lot, again. In the afternoon I joined my grandmother as we went to Media Markt, yet again. She also went to IKEA. I bought three CD's from Media Markt. Astrix - Artcore, ATB - No Silence, and Joss Stone - Mind, Body, and Soul. Heh, so that was Tuesday.

Wednesday was a bit more interesting. My mood of boredom and feeling like doing nothing, yet complaining still was at its peak. In the afternoon my grandfather let and showed me how to drive his 125 something or another motorcycle. That was amusing. I drove it around the apartment building a few times. Whenever it leaned too far to the left or the right the motorcycle would fall over because I could no longer hold its weight. Ha ha. As long as it was upright all was well. Heh, that was kind of fun. My grandfather told me that I drove the bike like my mom did when she rode motorcycles..

My grandfather watching me drive around the apartment.

My grandfather in the background watching me in the foreground drive around..


Oh yea!.. wow.. I must kick ass or something.

I'm going about -21312 km/h.

In the evening Martin and Rita came to visit my grandparents. Martin stayed here. Before Rita left I gave her some photos I had ordered and received to give to Anna. A 10x15" print and some 4x6" prints. I figured, "What do i need this trash for? I don't want trash laying around." So I threw it to the garbage; I gave it to Anna. Okay, okay, I'm kidding! ..The prints weren't that trashy.. *Smiles at Anna, and then waves. "Hi!," grinning.* Tee hee! Heh, no. I gave a poster of one of my prints to Anna because I figured she'd be one of those people who would appreciate it.

Early, way too early Thursday morning I got up at 05.30 and woke my grandfather and 15 minutes later, Martin who had spent the night. At around 06.10 we were on our way to a town of Giswil in the Alps. We drove for a good 90 minutes, I still have unconscious most of the way. We got to Giswil and ate breakfast there. A various assortment of small breads and croissants were served and we ate just breads. They were very good. My grandfather had driven on the way to Giswil, and I then drove back into Wasen via Brienz-Interlaken-Thun-..-Wasen. For the most part it was a pleasant drive....

We returned to the apartment and I went to my room, closed my door and fell asleep. After hitting my alarm clock's snooze button about three times I finally got up around 11.50 and then headed to Sommers where I ate lunch with my grandparents on that side of the family, my uncle Fritz, and aunt Irene. It was their baking day. Inside a large fire-heated stone stove they baked 16 loaves of bread. The oven is pretty cool. It's vast and large interior was very interesting to me. After lunch I helped Fritz and Irene with something in the farm's silos as they were preparing them for new corn for the winter. Shortly after this I departed, avoiding having to pick up apples from the ground with my grandmother (Sommer). Not that I have anything against her, not at all! I just.. really didn't want to pick up apples from the ground. I don't see why one can't just leave the half rotten apples there instead of picking them up and then throwing them into the Miststock, or.. Shit-..pile/hole/collection?

In the evening and early morning my boredom continued. Somehow I ended up searching for radical Islamic websites on the Internet. I wanted to find one of those site's they're always talking about on the news but never give a URL for where terrorists supposedly upload things to. I found some interesting sites. Interesting not in terms of fascinating, amazing and great, but rather interesting in terms of semi-amusing, unique.. and.. well.. interesting.. I find propaganda very interesting. I'm interested in studying it, its deployments, impact and various uses.. It's just a very interesting subject for me. Unfortunately many sites were in Arabic and I had no idea what they said or contained. I need to learn Arabic now.. among many other languages.

Friday was mediocre. Took a shower, hung about, and packed for Germany on Saturday. In the afternoon I joined my grandma as she went to run some errands, and then in the evening I went to Sommers (current generation) for dinner. It's always fun and entertaining to have dinner or lunch with them when most of them are around. On Wednesday I had stopped by their house/farm after sending some postcards (of my own prints!) at the post office. No one was there, which was good. I dropped off another poster I had ordered because I felt they might also appreciate it. Another attempt to proliferate my photography. :)

I left their house/farm at 08.54 and headed back to my other grandparents (L
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apparently letterman or someone said "My biggest worries about the upcoming election is that one of them will be elected" lol... courtesy of my history teacher.. i thot it was hilarious