A stack of 5, and then some.
Published Sunday March 21st, 2004

So.. I think its been a week since my last entry.. How about... another? I think, yes! A lot has happened in this past week. I like it. More and more things should happen. Makes things much more interesting and entertaining.

Anyways... lets recount events, because.. I know how fascinating they are. *cough* One day ill have some really truely inspiring, and simply awesome things to tell about.. But, untill then.. i shall just practice with my boring retellings. Woo! lol.

Alright then... Tuesday a friend of my dad came over. Joanis, or.. Yoanis.. I dont quite know how to spell it. Anyways, he's a cool guy. I came home early and took a nap, when i woke up Joanis and his girlfriend came for a visit. It was awesome to see my dad and him talk about biochemistry and all the things they've been working on. It sounded as though they were complete pioneers in their fields of interest. They discussed a paper they were going to publish to the scientific community.. And, well.. Heh, that impressed me.. I was awed. Heh. They offered to have me for a while back in CH, because they live in Lausanne, which was amusing because i had thought of that before as a resource i might be able to tap on my extended stay in europe. *shrugs* After they left, i was kind of bored. Luckily, Cory Franklin called. I hadn't seen him for a very long time. He came over and we hung out a bit, exchanged some media files, played some games and had dinner... was fun. Cory is awesome. Heh. It was nice seeing him again after not having seen him for a long time.

Wednesday i came home early again because my 4th period supervisor was sick, and was not there. Heh, i got home and my mom was cleaning my room.. Thanks mom! I took a nap, and then Mike came over. We hung around a bit.. and then we went to Robeks for some smoothies type things. We then drove to Borders by the request of my mom in seek of a German newspaper for my grandpa. We failed to find any, and then headed to Best buy because we were bored. We then proceeded to drive around randomly, once again, because we were bored. We ended up in Simi Valley, and then headed back towards my house. On the way home we played driving games where Mike would speed up and a tail-gater would pick up speed.. And then Mike would decrease his speed, and the person behind us would have to do the same. It must have really pissed them off. It was hilarious. When we got to my house, we were asked what we wanted to eat from olive garden, and then asked to go pick it up. So we did. Brought it home, and ate it while we watched South Park.. New season. The season premier episode was hilariously great.. mmm i love South Park. By the way, lovely Necklass Di. (Marijuana leaf necklass, haha.)

Well then.. Thursday at school i went to the career centre and got some info for a job, because the classified ads in the newspaper just havent been sucessful. Boo. I was forced to update the school website's calendar in 4th period, and i couldnt leave early. Hmph. But, that didnt matter, because it was thursday, and thursday is steak+hoagie lunch day. I picked up Adam and Wes in front of the school and we then drove to steak and hoagie where Grant and Mike where. We ate, and then we went home. I dropped Wes and Adam off at their house. I then took a nap. After my nap i went to Kates house for some french, then returned home for dinner. My grandparents and cousin came back from their little trip to Death Valley. I took a shower, and then Anna, Andrea and I went to go see Hidalgo at Edwards.. the 21:50 showing.. woo! Lol. I thought it wa way better then my last seen movie, Passion of the Christ. I liked Hidalgo.. was a typical adventure with a horse movie.. but, satisfying. Epic, i enjoyed it. We got home at around 12:30.. We hung around a bit, and Anna went to bed. Andrea and i ate some food, hung about a bit. Andrea then went to bed, and an hour later i went to bed as well.

Friday, I had to drive the manual honda civic to school and then some... I went to lunch at the Bagel Deli over on santa rosa road right by the freeway. I then went to some interview at a company called Safer Systems, which i had called the day before about the job possition i found at the schools career centre. Heh. I wonder if i'll get this one. Lady A was really nice when i talked to her, but then Lady B was really kind of mean.. Heh. I'm starting to think people wont hire me because of how i look. That would be really stupid. I came home after the interview and took a nap. At around 1440 Adam and Mike came over, and soon Tyson came as well. We played some Smash Brothers on Mike's game cube. We then picked up more people, went and had dinner at Quiznos and then proceeded to Mikes house after picking up Chelsea. We sat around a bit at Mike's house, and then proceeded into Mike's spa. Some of us wanted to go skinny dipping in Mike's pool. I was one of them. I thought it would be fun and dandy. Though, it was way way too cold in Mikes pool, and i figured some people might be uncomfortable if i stripped in the rather small spa with a lot of people in it. However, when an urge came to go for ice cream, and the spa became rather vacant, i took off my swim suit, someone else did too. So, it was two nude guys and Adam in Mike's spa. As people were leaving, they did not believe we were nude in the spa, so i leaped out and flashed everyone. Hahahaha. After, we finished with the spa, we all hung around in Mike's room a bit, and soon people went home, and it was a smaller amount of people in Mike's room. I got home at around 0100. Was an amusing day.

Saturday i got up and ate lunch which my grandparents had cooked. MMM, was yummy. I took a shower and was picked up by Mike. We drove to Kates house where we met up with everyone else. We then left to go to Golf'n'Stuff where i paid $7.75 to hit a fucking ball with a club. UGH. It was the requested activity by Chris for his birthday. We returned to Camarillo and hung around at Kates house a bit. I was rather irritated by some peoples opinions, and decided to start ignoring the conversation all togheter. We then headed to Chris's house where we ate pizza for dinner. The pizza was, i thought, really bad. It made my stomach rather unhappy. Heh. We hung around a bit, i got really bored of the conversations we where having. People like to bag on Marwin. Come on, give the guy a break. I've had enough of everyones crap towards Marwin. Shut The FUck UP. Find a REAL subject. Stop making fun of people. It gets fucking old. STOP. Its great that you bring yourselves up by bringing others down, but.. uhm.. find a better way to satisfy your fucking egos. ANYWAYS... We then watched 28 days later, which was much more entertaining to watch the 2nd time then when i watched it by myself... Because laughing at how stupid and bad it was with people was much more entertaining. This was probably the highlight of the evening. After the movie Kate threw a Chris-fit, and then we watched SNL. Mike gave me a ride home, and i got home at around 0100. Thanks for the ride, Mike! I hung around a bit at my computer, rather tired and a bit depressed for no real reason and then went to bed.

Heh, so.. Today... Sunday... I got up and saw that my internet connection had been out since around 0300 in the morning. When i went to bitch about it to my dad, he said that.. Apparently down at the wireless hub the power went out, and something went wrong, and my ISP was unable to get into the room because they had no key, or were not allowed too. IDIOTS. Skypipeline is run by a bunch of dumbasses. ARGH! Heh... So, all day, even NOW, i have no internet connection, nearly 24 hours later. Uhm, in todays world.. thats simply unacceptable. Anyways.. I ate lunch.. Was very good. Grandparents cooked again. Heh. Woo. Hrm... Then.. i watched some History Channel.. Then i wrote a satire-type thing for my english class. Its here, at the bottom. Heh, then i watched some more History channel.. roamed the house a bit, and then before dinner quickly, within 15 minutes crapped out another 3 page thingo for english. Ugh. No More. I then ate dinner with my family.. And hung around a bit, bored. Bored, i played around with someones mobile phone, sent Jessica a text message.. she called.. and.. i then ended up at her house where Danielle, Brendan, and Simon were as well. We then.. drove around.. and.. uhm.. picked up cones. We then placed the cones in drive-thru's at taco bell, dell taco, and.. wendy's.. and at random peoples houses. Was amusing. We ended up back at Jessica's house where we hung around a bit, then we went home.. And here i Am... WOOO!... heh.

Hrm... Well then, That was rather shorter then i thought it would be. Heh. I wonder what else i could ramble about. Oh! I like how my morale is much much much higher ever since i have much less school. All the additional time i have now, the less amount of school makes me much more happier. It has a huge effect on me. I don't entire loath school anymore. I don't really care much about getting up in the morning and going to school... Okay, well, i do.. but.. its much less severe then it used to be last semester, or past years. WOO! Heh, its excellent. School is just a big joke now. I dont even really mind doing the rare homework i have. In fact, of the recent english papers, i have enjoyed writing two of them. Heh. How very very strange.

Hrm, i wonder what this coming week has in store. I don't know. There is nothing scheduled. Maybe ill get that job. That would be dandy. Heh.

Anothony Comstock was a moron.
The FBI started out as america's sex police.
I love the history channel.

Dedicated to Di

Hrm.. some random links. The first one i got from Mike, whatacrappypresent.com. Funny site. Read it. Heh. Then, 2nd link will take you to some site i got from the first site... Heh. Wooo. Fascinating, no?

So.. i have a question. What is with the great amount of commercials encouraging travel? Not that im against travel. Its just funny to notice it. A bunch of various car rental commercial, a bunch of various cruise line commercials, and a bunch of random hotel commercials.. Hotels i have never even heard of before. Ey??

Ah, and... To end this entry off, i have for you my lovely, lovely satire thingo for english. I'm going to go watch Alias now, which my dad kindly recorded for me. after i finish watching this documentary on prostitution. Once again, i love the History channel, and i hate my ISP, Skypipeline.

Posted by april_p @ 15:44, March 23, 2004
What movie did you see? I saw Starsky and Hutch about a week ago, it was awesome, I suggest everyone to see it. Girls make out in it...

Posted by Marco @ 19:59, March 23, 2004
Indeed, i enjoyed Starsky and Hutch as well. Though.. girls making out doesn't do much for me.

Posted by Jessica @ 21:22, March 24, 2004
that's because you're marco and you're awesome :)