How 'bout another...
Published Monday December 30th, 2002

Welp... here i am... again... 0340 in the morning, typing up a little, pathetic news posting that, at most 2 people will read. Funny... petty, really. Heh, but.. whatever. Gives me something to do, no? Not to say that i dont have plenty of other things ic ould be doing...because i do. Heh, alas. oh well.

That was on a plant that my sister gave to my dad for christmass... Dad and i found it pretty humoring. read the last thing in the quotes... yeh. ha-ha... ehh
Well then... chris, mike, adam and i just had a 2 night 3 day lan... that was exciting, i suppose... lot of soda... lot of gameplaying.. and just screwing around... Fun, fun. Friday-Sunday we just hung out in the guest house up here... was fun. heh... besides that.. not much is new. Or, the things that are new, and that i could be writing about i refuse to see. ignorant, i may be... but, it seems to work.. no? surely. the rest of the day when everyone went home from the lan i didnt feel like being on the computer, or chat in IRC.. lol, this is how i get when i have to much social interaction.. i take a step back and just ignore they're all there. heh, lol. I should try that more often. Hrm.. new years i think ill be going to Mikes house.. and then, after that.. i think im loaded up on socializing and ill take a little breather. or... a long little breather.. whatever... Anyways... heh... hrm.. on tv there is some thing talking about a little girl who got raped by some man... heh... DEPRESSIVE... and, may i add.... thats quite _F-U-C-K-E-D_. Sick pervert.