Why is it so hot?
Published Friday July 22nd, 2005

It's hot. Hot.. Hot... Hoooot.. hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hott hoooootttttt... I hate being hot. I hate the heat. Heat and being hot suck. When it's hot.. everyone turns on their airconditioner and then everyone sucks all the power and then the power goes out and everyone freaks out because the power went out and because the first thing people think when the power goes out is, "terrorist" and then there's no power and its still hot and I get sweaty and sticky and nasty so I go with Matt to around point mugu and waltz around in my underwear trying to get splashed on or hit by a wave but ultimately fail because wherever I'd move, the waves would avoid because Matt would say things like, "This one looks big!" jinxing all posibility of the wave even coming near us and then I find that I am still quite hot and sweaty and sticky from all the sweaty, but nowy alsoy sticky because the salt in the air from the ocean has decided it would cling to my sweaty skin and create a lovely and uncomfortable sweaty sticky salty mixture all while i'm waltzing around in my underwear with Matt occasionally staring at me as though I was crazy and when i say underwear i don't mean boxers, i mean breifs because i do not like boxers for they are uncomfortable in my humble opinion and so therefore i dont wear them ever, even when i go to work at Kragen Schmagen Lagen Haggen where i got a nice fatty cheque last thursday which i promptly desired to deposit but could not because the terrorists had made the power go out, making it impossible for the bank people to use their computers to let me turn my paper with no actual monetary value into binary bits with no actual monetary value yet thouroughly retain great value because of the way our soceiety functions and works and stuff like that and such like which leads me to recall that I also frequented Mike at his house to finish watching the Anime series of Wolf's Rain and begin the series My HiME or something along those general lines but not power lines because they might be attacked by terrorists and then bushy wushy slushy would be all like dude we must go to code level warning system thingy neon pink purple redish yellow, oh shiiizaiiit and stuff like that and then everyone else be all like dude, that no be coo, yo and then some other peeps be all like, word and stuff. Marco and Co. had some fun these past few weeks. I'm glad Chris wasn't there. The local stock market went up up up this week, and the temperatures here did too too too. My comfort levels went down down down and my shower frequency stayed the same.

I hope that was as enjoyable to read as it was to write.
Posted by Eric @ 19:02, July 24, 2005
I think.... my brain just died a little reading that.

Posted by The+fatty @ 10:49, July 25, 2005
Sounds like you're having fun with life. Haha, and you will never see me again! I am leaving until August 15! Then I have school starting the same day, bwahahahahahaha! Ugh, I'll be taking around 17 units, fun fun. I miss making fun of you in person, all the brother and sisteryly cajoling. Oh well...