Early Sunday morning it is..
Published Sunday February 23rd, 2003

As the title would suggest.. it is indeed early sunday morning... Ah, yes... early mornings... I have just returned to my room after watching madtv and SNL... fun, fun... tonights show was pretty good (refering to SNL) heh... after SNL i changed the channel to some of the music channels for a bit, like mtv or vh1 or whatever else there is... I decided that, i cant stand hearing male vocalists sing, cant stand hearing lyrics sung by a male, it sends shivers up my spine when i hear their voices crackle, my ears begging for mercy, please! please change the channel, just to end up on a channel playing the exact same song as the channel prior. lol, somewhat sarcastic, but non the less true, in my opinion anyway. heh. indeed, here i am... sitting, sunday morning.. and, what could i write...
Hrm, yesterday, or rather.. Friday after school.. took a nap and then some of my friends and i went to go eat dinner at the Habit, after we went to the beach at Point Mogue (sp?) and just froliced around... We ended up at Mikes out, and soon it becamse late and we went home. Heh, that was friday... Saturday... i was in my room all day, for the most part. And, here i am! woohoo! What an exciting weekend. Indeed, indeed.. INDEED.
heh... i wonder what homework i have due monday... /me ponders.. Hrm.. math-no, artapp-no, german-?, chem-?, english-?.... hrm... well then, i dont think i know.. lol, oh well.... thats okay.. il figure it out, or remember it later. This comming week i get 2 minimum days on Wednesday and Thursday.... WHY CANT THEY JUST GIVE US ONE WHOLE DAY OFF!? grrr...
/me yawns...
Im somewhat tired... somewhat cold too.. i think i shall soon retire to my wonderful friend, my bed.
Hello bed
hello marco
how are you this early morning, bed?
Oh, marco.. im doing quite well, im somewhat lonely though.
Heh, dont worry.. soon ill join you, beneath your sheets i shall be.
That sounds so nice, marco... i cant wait.. oh, please do hurry up and come to bed.
Hey, hey, bed.. no need to rush me...
I appologize, i realize... i dont have any other options but to wait, after all, im just a bed.
This is true.
Yes... yes it is, isnt it.
Hmm... so, then... ya comming?
Okay, fine... Let me brush my teeth first, ill be right there.
Woohoo! Okay, ill be waiting.
As shall i.
Posted by eric @ 05:52, February 25, 2003
That has to be one of the weirdest conversations I have ever read.