Weekend, over again.
Published Monday May 26th, 2003

Lol, like the shitty graphic? i dont really... It looked cooler before i saved it as a jpg in adobe... and even then.. .. its like.. some sort of shitty adobe photoshop grafiti or.. who knows what.. lol, simply said.. i wanted a graphic for this posting and that up there is what i crapped out..

*huge yawn*

woah there.. Hrm.. well then, i do believe it is good time for bed after this posting, ey? yes, indeed. So, well then.. Not too much has been up, just ... basicaly 2 small things that took up a lot of time...

Sunday cory came over and.. for the most part we just played Halo on his xbox *shivers* for 10 or so hours untill we brought him home at around midnight.. lol. Yep.. that was my sunday. Monday, today... i watched Children of Dune for most of the day, and when i dinished watching ... i found all my dune books, and started reading the 4th book, the one after children of dune, .. there is no movie on the fourth book yet.. d'oh! .. lol, reading it is one thing.. seeing it is another... both quite cool.. lol. heh.. im obbsesed with this.... One of many things i am obbsesed with.. like.. say.. Milk.. lol. Speaking of whitch.. witch.. whitch.. ... that doesnt look right.. oh well.. speaking of which ah! there is is... speaking of which *no i forgot what i was saying* last posting, i noted that i had odd pain in my stomach.. lol turns out that.. i ate some beef jerky and.. then drank some milk and.. for some reason my body did not like the combination, and i spent 30 minutes on the pot... and then, after i puked once while i felt horrible.. like.. yea.. that i really need to puke- im about to puke feeling? .. yea.. so... out both .. top and bottom... uhm.. exits.. *looks around* right. Yea, that wasnt a whole lot of fun, but as randomly as it came, it left.. i went to bed after and in the morning woke up quite normal. This is why i conclude it must have been that odd combination of beef jerky and milk or.. something.. who knows.. whatever it was it wasnt friendly.. lol..

Hrm.. yep. Soo... within the next 2 weeks i get to read 1500pages for english.. lol. The funny part is that i'll pull it off in a week.. bwahahahahaha... so.. all year.. no reading.. 1 week.. cram in 2 books, 1500pages... yesss...

Heh, yea.. so... la de do, ey? 3 weeks left of school, last week is all finals and half days, so its really just 2 weeks of school left... ha!!! the end is so near to this school year, i sooo sooo sooo can not wait.

Heh, indeed... bwah.. why is it hot in my room and freezing throughout the rest of the house... lol.. Hrm.. so, i really just ran out of stuff to say, although i know i have more.. i can not recall what it or they or that.. was.... heh... so.. i guess ill just end it here.
Posted by eric @ 05:41, May 28, 2003
heh....... milk and beef jerky huh? pleasent. Remind me to tell you the story about my first time meeting monica's mother and my bad experience with bostonian chinese food. ....yeah that ones a doozy.

Posted by wes @ 23:57, May 29, 2003
dont forget the story about the lesbians