Woah, there!
Published Sunday August 12th, 2001

hmm... well, yet another post... soo.. whats been happening in the last 2 days? hmm.. well, even though my plans were changed i was still to busy to write a post yesterday (Saturday)... Well, originaly i had planed to go with my cousin, Sabrina to Street Parade 2001 in zurich and then at night go to a Party (Energy) but, somehow my parents found out of my plans, not that i was keeping my plans a secret from them, and.. my plans did quite click with them... grrr... sooo... they called me up in the morning (my morning, their night) and told me i couldnt go... ha... grrr... well.. oh-well.. that was ok.. they barelly ever say no anyways.. so yea.. hmm.. so, then.. anyways.. i went with my cousins and like.. their youthgroup thingy river rafting down a river called Are... that was cool.. lol..the water was grayish blue (cuz it was rather cold) and there was a lot of water... once, i left the raft and went swimming from raft to raft (we had to take more than one raft). in the water.. things were rather warm.. aslong as i kept moving.. lol.. so i just sorta swam around.. letting the strong current pull me along with the rafts... then...i got back into a raft.. and.. yea.. woohoo.. lol.. hmm... then when we got home, we almost right away left again to go to Open Air Kino, once again.... lol.. thats why there was no post yesterday... hmmm... it was nice at the open air kino.... the movie that was showing was Cast Away... i didnt really watch much of the movie for i spent most of my time there laying and staring into the sky.. for.. it was clear and cloudless for almost the first time in my entire stay in CH this year... lol.. i saw sooooo many shooting stars! it was cool... then.. today.. sunday... i went with my uncle, Fritz and my grandparents[moms] aswell as another cousin, Mirjam up to a pass... today, the sky was beautifully clear.. and.. for the first time this year i was able to see the Alps... aaah!! i just went at it with my camera.. lol.. filled like 32MB with Alps.... ahh! so nice! lol hmmm.... yes.. and.. umm...well.. we got to the pass.. and... we walked on a little trail for a bit... i took pictures.. and.. we went back and drove off.. on the other side of the pass we all had an icecream.... and.. then went back home.. since Fritz had to go milk the cows... lol.. and my grandpa[moms] had or wanted to go help and clean up after the cows... lol.. hmmm... i then called my other grandma[dads] if she could come and pick me up... which she did.... then.. before we went back to my dads parents place... we went up on a hill where u could see the Berner Alps nicely and.. i clicked away with my camera.. lol.. hmm.. and.. sooo.. here.. i am now... writing this post... nearing the end of my CH vacation... I return to the slums of north america on Wednesday... i take off at 1000GMT+1 woohoo! and i am to land at 1300GMT-8... as for tomorrow.. im going to the Schwartzwald in germany with my grandparents[dads] and.. uhh.. yup.... well.. till tomorrows post!