whiskey tango foxtrot?
Published Friday March 5th, 2004

Hrm, i randomly feel like another blog posting... Mainly to just post some semi-crappy pictures i've taken and quickly touched up and.. uhm.. well... because im bored.

So, uhh.. Last monday evening i had to write some editorial for english.. If you care to have a gander, you can do so at the bottom of this blog posting. Its pretty crappy, but, hey.. why not...Something, something, .. something.

That was a productive sentance. I'd tell you what i did on Tuesday and or Wednesday, but, there is nothing to tell, for i did nothing (main reason why i dont frequently make weekday blog postings). Isn't that just fascinating?

Today, we had a minimum day at school, which means, i got half of a half day. Woo! haha. A whole 2 very strenuous, important, exciting and equally fascinating, definately worthwhile hours of school. Alright! Fantastic! So, i got home at around 1015, slept till 1145, and headed for lunch at steak and hoagies with Adam and Wes, where we met Mike and Grant... Had lunch, chatted, then, i returned home and took a nap. At around 1500, i headed to Kates house where we learned French, because.. well... we both want to learn it.. so.. why not!? Dandy. I got back home at 1800, my parents were gone, for they went to the Opera or something in LA, my cousin Anna was babysitting, and, thusly, it was just my siblings and I... Ah yes. I watched Lost in Translation, and.. well.. Now, here i am! Do do da!

Ah, so.. Tomorrow.. Mike shall show up, we'll take care of some things on our agenda, then head off to Matt's house... where Matt and I will work on our Trance song a bit, hopefully.. from there... I have not but a clue what will happen.

Increment morale and happiness.

So, what could i ramble about now. Lets take a look at my list of mentionables. Water used to cover parts of Mars, woot!

When one has cheese, and one wants milk, one is fucked; When one wants cheese, and one has milk, one is in luck. - Oh so brilliant proverb, Marco L
Posted by Eric @ 08:03, March 05, 2004
Good job on the english paper. Me likey. I would also like to proudly state that I am from Vermont! w00t!

Posted by Marco @ 01:11, March 06, 2004
lol, Wooo! Vermont!

Posted by moerf @ 15:29, March 07, 2004
virii lol. Since when do you know Latin? Anyway. You forgot the best part - Inappropriate lol Keep in touch

Posted by daniela @ 17:43, March 07, 2004
Marco I wanna learn how to meditate too! I read about it in a magazine once and tried it but it didn't work...

Posted by Marco @ 20:33, March 07, 2004
Daniela: we could practice toghether! Marwin: virii is plural for more then one virus. And, im not too sure ill be mentioning the Inappropriate story. lol. maybe... hrm.