Day of 18
Published Wednesday January 14th, 2004

*a news posting while watching extreme engineering on Discovery channel, woo!*
Tuesday evening, after school i got a call from some guy i called on Monday that said he'd get in a camera on tuesday, a Canon 10D... so.. i springed and my dad and i drove down to Reseda to buy it.. We then went to another shop to get a lens, 24-70mm f2.8L USM... mmm. Heh... all in all cost.. wel.. uhm.. first number is 3, send 3 numbers are approx. 0. Yick. Thank you very much Roli. (It was a christmas/18th birthday present thingo).

Ah, well then... I woke up today, and... did not go to school, in fact.. i woke up at 10:00... aha! Indeed.... so, i got dressed and all that fun stuff and drove off towards Ojai. I was planing on going up to Rose Valley. My main goal was to try a shot, or .. a photo setup where id have a a longer then "normal" exposure of the running water... Unfortunately.. there.. wasnt a whole lot of water.. that and it was really brown and ugly, quite a disapointment. Especially since it was rather green and beautiful in the summer when i last went there. Heh. Oh well, the first photo up there is sort of what i set out for, but.. it sort of sucks. oh well. Note that, these photos are original and i have not (yet?) made any enhancements.

Figure 1

Figure 2

So, once i ... well, moved on.. I started to play with the depth of field. Something i've never been able to do with any other cameras. This is cool ^ figure one's fstop is 2.8, then in FIgure 2 its 22. Its the exact same shot. Camera was never moved. wooo!

Figure 3

Figure 4

Hers another example: figure 3's fstop is 2.8, the 4th is 22... once again.. cmaera never moved... Heh.. this is probably.. no big deal or nothing too special to people used to profesional cameras.. however.. ive always had this.. uhm.. rather bulky, user-end digital camera... with... no features.. point and shoot... heh... lol

Over all... most of my photos were.. pretty shitty... Not enough experience with what i was doing.. exposures lasted too long... such like.. lol.... that and.. i just dont think my location was terrible great... which was unfortunate because it was so lovely last time i went. Oh well. The over-all goal was achieved... Play with camera... woo! lol.. Walk around... setup tripod (thanks tyson, for letting me borrow yours...) ... la de do.. was fun fun fun.. lol....

I drove home and, well... i encountered an unusual amount of moron drivers... But, wont get into that, i'll just get annoyed. heh. I got home where mike and kate were, as they had come over and beat me home by around 10 minutes. Mike came to transfer and sync some files with me.. Kate left as she and tyson or whoever were doing math homework or something... thus, it was mike and i.. and... then mike left, i had dinner with my family, my mom made, special for me, lovely and tender beef filet... mmmmm. She also made a Schwartzwaelder torte... mmmmm... yum. Thank you Margret! =). Anyways... I went to shower and.. sometime while i was in the shower, Adam and Wes showed up.. lol, had a conversation and.. uhm.. was fun.... i watched an amusing episode of Enterprise... and.. uhrm.... yea. here i am making this lovely boring blog entry.

Tomorrow, im going to some place for a job interview... yoohooo.. lol..

Yep, anyways.. i think im done... Woo! i am 18!