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Published Sunday September 4th, 2005

I think I will finally write another weblog entry. They (the entries) really have been lacking lately.. but who cares to hear my excuses..? Exactly. ..

Anyway.. I'll try to recap the past month or so as quickly as I can. It'll be pretty simple. August 15th I started taking classes at Moorpark College in Moorpark (go figure..) Mondays, from 13.00 till 15.20 I have Math M03. I then have Japanese M01 at 19.30 in the evening. Tuesdays I have 4 hours of English M01A from 13.00 until 16.50. Wednesday I have the same schedule as I do Monday, and in about a week or so I will start a third class, World History M20B at 10.00 in the morning on Mondays and Tuesdays.

School aside.. Every other day I have been working at Kragen (Schmagen) Auto Parts. Three day's of school, four days of work. And repeat. I'll soon be a gazillionaire. Last Wednesday I had an interview at WebsiteASP, Inc. for a position which unexpectedly came up and later that evening I was hired. I am now a "Web Technician" at WebsiteASP, Inc., a 22 year old company that has less than 15 employees and sells OmniUpdate, a multi-user website content management system. I have my own extension. You can reach me at 805
484 9400 ext 210, or 1 800 362 2605 ext 210. ... So awesome. It's a rather exciting (and unexpected) stop from Kragen (Schmagen) Auto Parts. Soon I will work 4 hours Tuesday morning's, 8 hours Thursday's and Friday's for WebsiteASP, and for the mean time I will also work 8 hours on Saturday's and Sunday's at Kragen (Schmagen)...

Heh.. Yep.. That's just about what I've been up to. School, school, school. Work, work, work, work. School, school, school. Work, work, work, work. School, school, school. Work, work, work, work. School, school, school. Work, work, work, work. School, school, school. Work, work, work, work. It's fun. I'm never bored bored anymore, and when I'm semi-bored.. It's okay. I'm getting paid for it. Splendid. Yeh, so I've turned into somewhat of a workaholic relative to what I was doing four months ago: nothing at all.

Hrm.. The recent past in more detail: Friday I got up at 07.30 to go to my new job at WebsiteASP. I "worked" for 4 hours. It was more of an orientation. Met the people, got background information on the company, the products, the marketing and the customers, and then got acquainted with the product. At noon I left WebsiteASP, grabbed a salad from Trader Joe's, and then went and worked for 8 hours at Kragen. I worked a total of 12 hours. After getting off from Kragen, I met up with Colby, Norm, Jessica and Matt and we drove to a Hookah bar in Simi Valley. Callen, Jess and Robert met us there at around 22.45 and we stayed until 01.00ish. T'was enjoyable. By the time I got home.. I passed out in bed.. and that was that... Which (oddly enough) reminds me.. I haven't seen my sister, Daniela in a while.. Hrm..

Anyway.. Yea...

I was also going to ramble about the effects of Katrina and the whole New Orleans thing, but I'll spare you all my ranting.

Here's some background info on WebsiteASP, Inc. taken straight from the WebsiteASP, Inc. website.

"Company Information

For more than 22 years, WebsiteASP (formerly known as Mainstay) has been focused on producing desktop and client-server applications that help companies efficiently manage the processes that run their businesses. Today, WebsiteASP products are used by thousands of customers worldwide, including many of the largest and most influential colleges and universities in the United States. WebsiteASP's mission is to provide high-quality software and services that help enterprise customers manage web site communication and processes, regardless of platform, technology, or environment.

As web sites and modern web communications have evolved into an essential part of business, education and learning, adopting new technologies to maintain and enhance the organization's web presence has become essential. Today, most every web page on every web site has been indexed by search engines such as Google to create the most comprehensive body of knowledge and information the world has ever known. Never before has a platform been available to allow near real-time publishing of information
Posted by chris @ 13:17, September 04, 2005
what do you do at your job? is it website programming specifically or sql organizing or?

Posted by Margret @ 16:54, September 04, 2005
Mir gefaellt deine neue Gegenwart. Gratuliere dir zu all dem was du veraendert hast in deinem Leben. Alles gute fuer die Zukunft, Marco!