2 Days to Spring Break!
Published Wednesday April 9th, 2003

Heh.. all but 2 days remain untill spring break i have reached. Thursday. Friday. Heh. I face 2 tests, and 12 painful periods before i am given 9 days of freedom and relaxation and... life. Heh. First half of the semester is over, and my grades... are quite displeasing... luckily it IS indeed only half past the semester... In wonderful math, the last test we took i did pitiful on. As we havent taken all too many tests, heh, my grade stands at a D. Woot. Art App. I have a high B or low A, but quite sure. German i have an A (heh. go figure.) U.S. History i got a B+.. even though i inist i should have gotten an A as i never got anything below an A on any assignment... probably some stupid participation points crap some teachers like to do, or.. who knows what. Chemistry is the only class which the grade i do not know... and English i have a B, but because i have not yet done any "Book talks" or whatnot, he's giving me a D because he "cant know if i will complete any talks before the end of the semester." ... right. /me stares at 1000+ page book next to him that he's been reading. Okay then..... heh, those are my standing grades.... Poo.
Moving right along... lol, tonight my dad offered to let me drive the truck tomorrow, even though he usualy takes it thursdays to go to UCLA when he mets up with friends and coleagues of his.. lol, my dad is cool =). .. and nice. heh... i wrote this 2 or so days ago when he asked me for something, Heh... my dad... he gives me so much... and.. yet.. i do so little for him in return... asks me to do something and.. he always asks in such a kind way, such the man he is.. would you like to? could you? how about...? ... and i usualy decline.... heh... he gives me so much, and is so kind... and i dont do anything in return. heh.... bwah. ... heh.
Spring break is rolling right up to me... im quite excited. Plans have already begun to take shape and my week is filling up. Beginning of next week, ill be joinging the rest of my family in a little trip somewhere localy.. we might go see popey flowers and whatnot... lol, that'll be really cool.... lots of photos. yesss. (While typing news post has a nice conversation with some guy from Eastern Canada on irc.freenode.net,#epiar) heh.. fun fun.. Later next week im holding a LAN... which has its ups and downs.. im only letting 4 people come... because more then 4... is.. cramped and.. dunno.. no more then 4.. lol, so... that always brings up the problem of.. who can come.. heh... which sucks, because you have to exclude people. But.. more then 4 people over here... for extended periods of time i cant handle. lol. luckily, i made other people select the people to come, instead of me having to do it. heh... bwah. ... Also, it sucks beacuse the people in Newbury Park have spring break a week after ours...so, no hanging out with mike and grant during spring break.... shitty.heh..

Things are more like they are now than they have ever been."
"Solar energy is not something that is going to come in overnight." (1974)
Rep. Carl Gunter (R-Louisiana) "With incest you could get super-smart kids."
The World Cup is truly an international event. (Soccer World Cup)

welp... it is indeed time for bed... heh... crud, already 23:20... d'oh!!! andi wanted to go to bed earlier... grrrrr .... heh... untill next post.