A brief relaxation period.
Published Thursday August 19th, 2004

16 entries, 464 files, 148.9 MB since the last time i published anything to the weblog.

I'm done! I have finally written all the entries i had things to write for in the past few weeks. I've added photos, and who knows what else. All the entries after July 31st up to this one, were written in the past 2 or 3 days from notes and other things i wrote down somewhere when i was too busy, or too tired to write them at the time. I added a whole bunch of photos and videos and who knows what else to these entries. With these latest 16 entries that i will soon have published to my weblog, i also post 464 files amounting to 148.9 MB. Wow. Heh. This will be fun to upload. Good thing i have pro-laziness scripts in place to do the rest from here for me.

Heh, well then.. The past few days have been pretty relaxed and laid back. Tuesday, Wednesday and today, Thursday, i spent a lot of time on my laptop just writing entries, adding images to entries and watching movies into the night. It's been raining the past few days as well, so even going outside wouldn't have been very productive. It's thundering right now, as i write this. Anyways, like i said.. Activity wise i have not been up to much at all. Literally, the past 3 days have been spent on my laptop and i have yet to even get to touching up some of the photos i took in the past four to six weeks, so that will come soon now that i have time, and that i have caught up with my weblog entries.

I've done nothing but listen to trance while working on my laptop. I'm ready for another Energy type event, i think. The dancing thing has sort of grown on me. More, more, more! Heh.. As i've written before, in past entries, i've had a bit of a cold. Now that I'm almost through with it, my grandma is getting it. Heh, aw. I feel somewhat bad for infecting her with my diseases. Heh. Poor her. *watches her cough, then blow her nose as she watches TV.* Heh.

Just cleaning up, and finalising everything, getting ready for a new note-book, i went through my current little note-book and found some things that were not crossed out yet. Here they are, elaborated.

The first thing Adam, Wes, Tyson and Raymond said to me when they arrived in Switzerland was along the lines of, "Now we understand why you like it [Switzerland] so much."

Whenever I was in a train station, and we had a few minutes before our train left i would wander off on little quick 10 minute missions doing something. Shopping for CD's or buying something to eat. I would take my time, and at the last minute head back for the train. I would get a rush from being exactly on time to comfortably sit down and have the train leave right then and there. I love handling constrained amounts of times, and then coming out exactly on time. I love being precisely on time. It gives me some sort of rush when i do.

My great grandma is a pretty religious person, and believes in her God very much. However, the difference between her, and other proclaimed religious people is that she can still accept non-religious (things that go against her religion) things as not being taboo. Most people who follow a belief system, when they find something that goes against what they have been taught, or goes against their religions teachings, then it must be the work of the devil, or be unholy, or something to this extent; Taboo. My great grandma does not put, or place such judgement on things. I like this about her. More people should talk to her, and learn from her. Learn to be accepting, and tolerant.

What happens to a man when he can not relax, and instead worries? What happens to a man who can not stop worrying about even feeble things?

Heh, i was watching some of the Olympic coverage on TV (half of the channels, all throughout the day) and i did not know that Badminton was an Olympic sport. More-over, i did not know that Table Tennis was an Olympic sport.. Table Tennis?.. *shrugs* Cool.

Heh, well then. I suppose it is time to post all these entries.
Posted by samantha%21%21 @ 13:12, August 21, 2004
you make me sad marco, hope life's treating you well... ha, man, i should be a comedian... go back to the swiss!