T-18/24 Days To Life Change
Published Tuesday June 1st, 2004

Oh wow. Another long one is coming. Here goes. Some of these events i really don't even recall anymore had i not written them down the day they happened. For example, Monday a week ago. I have no idea what i did Monday a week ago, but, here is what it was..

Monday was a pretty normal day. 1st period was awesome because Mr. Near got annoyed and finally broke-in and kicked out Megan Reidmiller and Alie Whocares out of class because they were being them typical bimbo-idiot selfs. Woo! Next time he should kick Marry Somelastname out with them as well, and then that class would be so awesome. haha. But, nooo. The annoying idiots remain. Anyway, after school Adam and I went to my house and we had lunch with my family. We then left and went to Edwards where Adam got us in to Shrek 2 for free. (thanks Adam.) The graphics in the movie were awesome, but the story itself.. Ehh. But nonetheless, the graphics were worth sitting through the boring plot. I dropped Adam back off at his home after the movie. I was very, very tired- my body ached very much. I went to sleep at 1500 and slept untill around 1800. Ate dinner, went outside to the horses with my sisters, and helped Andrea with her homework. Hung around on my laptop into the night. Bed+Laptop=awesome.

Tuesday was the same-ol-same-ol school. While going home from school, i stopped by Savons and bought some caffeine pills to play around with in the near future. For shit's-n-giggles. Ate lunch, chatted with my parents for a good amount of time, and then took a nap untill 1430. I got up, and hung around a bit. Took a shower, quickly ate dinner and drove to Danielle's house to pick her up. We went to Guitar Centre where we met up with Wes and Chris and we just hung around the store playing on the various toys (synths!) We left and drove back to Chris's. Wes and I did some racing on the way back to Chris's house, was funny as usual. Chris dropped some things off at his house, and we all then went to Jack in the Box on Lewis. Ate dinner and chatted. Dropped off CHris before 2100 and Wes, Danielle and I then went to Danielle's house where we watched and made fun of a movie, 2 Fast 2 Furious. After the movie Wes and I left.

Heh, i have moments where im really good at driving stick. I'm in that stage of learning a new thing where sometimes things just click and all is well. Driving home i shifted up and down quickly and very smoothly. I was rather happy.

Eject-o Seat-o! Elian and Fidel! Unos dos tres fortos tacos! Izawr-i!

The week picked up pace after Tuesday. Wednesday started out as usual. When i left school at around 1145 i saw Matt and Jessica down in AG weeding, or something of the sort, and i then had a 15 minute long conversation with them from a distance, at the edge of the school on the sidewalk next to the street on a cell phone. Haha. I got home and ate lunch. I took one of the caffeine pills i bought the day before, just for the hell of trying it out. It didn't really do a whole lot. I went and took Anna stick driving untill around 1430. It was her first time, and was rather amusing to watch, for myself. Returned home and chatted a bit online. I fell asleep while Danielle and I were making some plans to hang out. (after the caffeine pills..) Danielle ended up calling me and this woke me up. heh. So much for the caffeine pills. Im invincible against the effects of caffeine. D'oh. Tyson and I want to give Dianne some caffeine pills. That would be funny. Bounce, bounce.. Anyway, at around 1630 i drove down to Danielle's house. We then drove to Kristens and from there to school. Gaaah, at school at 1630 felt so wrong. It was grose and should never happen again. We saw Tyson and Raymond, and then Dianne at Stinger (the school newspaper). Dianne had just returned from Pennsylvania. While there, i saw Lausa as well. We all hung around a bit, and then left. We went to Kristen's house where we dropped off many cars. Dianne, Kristen, Danielle, Kay Jay and I went to Mission Oaks Park where we wandered around in the little ravine thingie. Walked about, hung out, whatever you may want to call being bored. People kept calling me on the cell phone i had with me. Over and Over at random times, over and over. Baah! It got really annoying so i just turned the stupid thing off. Eventually other people showed up at Mission Oaks Park, randomly. Tyson, Mike, Matt and Charlene all met up with us. We all drove back to Kristen's. Di went home because she was really tired, and Chris and Chelsea magically showed up out of nowhere. Apparently they drove to Newbury Park to give Mike a surprise visit, but he had left, and then they decided to show up to my house, but i was also not there. I hate it when people show up to my house unanounced. Oh well. We all went to Olas where we ate dinner. After eating, for an hour or so, we just.. hung around in a parking lot trying to come up with something to do, and waiting for Chelsea an Chris to come back because they left to get Chris some "food." They never showed up and we just left. We went to Mission Oaks Park to play tennis. By we i mean Tyson, Matt, Charlene, Danielle, Mike and myself. We hung around and played some "tennis." At 2100 the lighted turned off and thus we ended up hanging around in the dark. We joked around.. And took pictures of the process..

Tyson and Matt went home, and Danielle, Mike, Charlene and I went to my house and we watched random video clips and suchlike. Everyone but myself left my house at around 2340. I then watched the Enterprse season finale which i thought was ridiculous in a bad sense. I went to be at around 0130.

Thursday came around and it was to be another eventful and fun-filled day. School as usual. I got a 55/60 on some test i had no idea what was going on in for english class on some stupid poetry i never read because i was either completely passed out sleeping, passing notes, or just not paying attention because poetry bores me out of my mind (which is ironic because, the last entry i made was just a poem i wrote.)and i can not concentrate on it. My test consisted of complete bullshit and made up answers based on assumptions. Weee! Haha. Anyway.. After school (school, which was very annoying on Wednesday because of so many annoying people in all my classes who just drove me insane to the point where i couldnt take it anymore), after school being after 3rd period because i went home instead of showing up to 4th. I got home and played a joke on my mom by repeatedly unplugging the vacumm cleaner from the power outlet because i realized that she did not hear me come home due to the noise from the vacuum cleaner. She just kept plugging it back in, thinking it must have unplugged because the power chord was pulled too far. Haha.

*stops typing blog because i'm too busy dancing to my very, very loud music whistling and drumming along. Weeee! Rave in Marco's room. This lasts for about an hour or two untill the turned-up bass gives me a headache.*

Afte my fun, i picked up Adam and Wes from school to go for lunch. While waiting i had a chat with Dianne. When Adam and Wes got to my car, we left, and picked up Matt down in lower. We all headed off to Steak and Hoagies where i parked literaly about 2 inches away from Grant's car to piss him off. Grant is really obsessive about his car and other people damaging it. We met up with Grant and Joel who were already eating. We all got our own food and ate as well. Chatted, and so forth. Joel left and soon Grant left too. We all parted, and Grant saw my lovely parking and was horrified. This amused me greatly. I dropped off Matt by lower parking at the school and then Wes at his home. Adam and i drove around wes's neighborhood a bit, then parked outside Wes's house and prank called him a few times. Then, i called him again right as he closed his bedroom blinds (the closing of Wes's bedroom blinds indicates that Wes is leaving.) and was about to leave for work. I had a lenghty and pointless as well as long conversation with him. He realized that i was messing with him and walked outside. We all had a good laugh. Adam and I then followed and raced Wes to work. We lost him for a bit, but eventually found his car again. Wes was already gone, off into the office building to work. We left some empty cigarette tubes which we found and put them around his car. We then drove over to the general area where Grant worked, looking for his car, which we evantually found. We had no clue where he worked, but it was pretty easy to spot his car parked exlucded, away from others as to protect it from harm. We put empty cigarette tubes around his car, too. We returned to camarillo.

Adam and i returned to my house, and Tyson showed up after a while. We looked around a bit in my garage, took some measurements because we wanted to build a photography studio with nice white sheets and such to take portrait and people photographs. Though, it does not seem as though it'll end up being built because of cost. Anyway, we met up with Jesse at Michaels and went to the Baron's Fabric store where we found some fabric we though we might get. We left and went to Tyson's Dad's light shop where Adam peed. lol. We proceeded to Home Depot where we looked at PVC pipes and some 500 watt halogen lights. As we left the store, we saw Tyson's brother, Tanner's Jeep.. unlocked. So we moved it by pushing it, and then messed around with some knobs and dials on the radio and heat and suchlike. Got into Tyson's car, and parked somewhat hidden off in the distance and watched as Tanner and a friend returned, looking around confused, and then.. simply drove off. It was hilarious. A lot of messing with peoples car happened on Thursday. Heh. We returned to Michaels where Jesse and I got into his car, which he had left in the parking lot. Tysona and Adam went home. Jesse and I went to pick up Danielle and Andy and then went to eat dinner at In-n-Out. We later met up with Wes at Taco Bell on Adolfo and went to Jesse's house where we watched some Family Guy and hung out. Danielle, Wes and Andy left, and Jesse and I hung out a bit more. We then left Jesse's house and went to Jessica's house where we hung out some more untill midnight. Jesse drove me home (thank you) and that was Thursday.

Friday came along and i did not feel like anymore school.I left a note on my door that said, "Not going to school today. Please don't wake me." and to my pleasant surprise, it worked. Thus, i got up at around 1300. I ate lunch with my parents and an old friend of mine's mom, whom my mom is friend with, named Barbara Hall. After i had eaten, i took a shower, then joked around with my cousin a bit. At around 1530 i left for Jessica's house where i met up with Jessica and Matt. We went and picked up Charlene and from there wanted to go eat at Wendy's by Target. However, the roads were closed because of an accident involving a cop and a civilian.

We finally made it to the Wendy's on Arneil after quite a detour, and we ate. After this, we drove back to Matt's house where we picked up a sweatshirt and a tri-pod (because i forgot mine at home) which i didn't end up using. We left Matt's house and drove to point mugu where i took about a gigabyte, or 510 photos of mostly the people i was with. That is, Jessica, Matt, and Charlene. This was a lot of fun. I had never focused my camera, or any camera so much on peope as i did that afternoon. You'll probably be seeing some of the better ones in this or future entries. We drove a bit further south on PCH and stopped again to climb around on some rocks right on the shoreline. We finally left at around 2000 as the sun was setting. Returned to the car and had apparently missed 7 calls on the cell phone. Haha.

We returned to my house where we cleaned up a bit from the beach. I dropped of my camera and then we all went the the stable and petted the horses a bit. We headed down to Jack in the Box and ate dinner, then drove to Jessica's house where we hung out the rest of the night. We watched Pitch Black, and somehow ended up in a mass back-scratching/petting orgy which lasted for a good 90 minutes and we all sort of drifted off into sleep. We ended up spending the night, and finally got up at around 1130 Saturday Morning. Haha. It was awesome. ( I cant stress that enough. ) Should happen again. Matt, Charlene and I left Jessica's house and i dropped off Charlene and Matt at their respective homes, drove home myself, ate lunch, copied photos from my camera to my laptop and then went to sleep some more. Small groups of people are fun.

I slept untill around 1640 when Matt called me and wondered if i was going to pick him up or not. I got ready and then picked up Matt and we headed over to Jesse's house where we were to have a LAN. Jesse's LAN's are always excellent and fun, and very well.. done. Kuddos, Jesse? And.. Thank you Andy for the Bawls! There were 11 people at this LAN. Cory Franklin also came, because we wanted to hang out, but my weekend was busy, so, i invited him along. So, the list of people who were there is as following: Cory, Mike, Brendan, Andrew Brinkman, Jesse, Wes, Andy, Matt, Tyson, Simon and myself. 11 people. Whoo! Other people, people like, Jessica, or Chris, Danielle, Dianne and Chelsea stopped by during the LAN at certain points. Was fun. We played games all night long. Took a break at one point where we ate some of Jesse's food and watched some Dave Chappele Show. I gave Jesse 2 caffeine pills and he went insane. It was very amusing. Speaking of caffeine here is all you ever wanted to know about caffeine, and then here is even more about caffeine! Woo! I google'd for caffeine so that i could tell Jesse all the horrible side-effects he would experience from the 2 caffeine pills he took.

I got home on Sunday at 0700 and went to bed to sleep untill 1540. I took a shower when i woke up, and then went down to Jessica's house. We then went and dropped some things off at the Goodwill, and then went to eat at Wendy's. This was around 1730. We ate and then talked for quite a good amount of time. We returned to Jessica's house where we, due to Jessica's enthusiasm for the movie, watched Charlie's Anglels - Full Throttle. Woo! Hoo! After the movie, we watched a lot of tv, then South Park - Bigger Longer and Uncut on Comedy Central, which was actually not censored. Yey! Such a good movie. I fell asleep during it, though. Jessica too, i think. I woke up and the Dave Chappele Show was on, and my stomach was in great pain because i was really hungry. I asked for some food, and ended up eating 2 bowls of Cherios. I then went home and went to bed at around 0420. Was a lovely evening/night/whatever. I had a good time.

Monday came around, and it was Memorial Day, so there was no school to be experienced (in pain and agony.) I woke up at around 1400 and sat on my computer all day long cleaning up my hard disks. I regained 50gb of space. Burned a lot of files onto cd. Deleted a bunch of crap, and, yea. I was in a pretty irritable mood most of the day, and i didn't really want people talking to me, though, my various family members kept entering my room to say things i didn't really want to hear about, due to said irritable mood. After dinner, i took a little stroll outside and fell into a sort of depression. I felt really odd and sick the rest of the evening (dizzy, headache, nauseated... much fun.), untill i went to bed at around a bit passed midnight. Quickly read some Frankenstein cliff notes for a english test tommorow in 2nd period, because i havent read a single page of the book...

And bla bla bla. Blee blee blee bloo bloo bloo.. this entry has gone down the way of the doo doo because im tired, unmotivated and feel like blaah. BED! There's much more i would like to say, but.. maybe another day.
Posted by Me @ 00:24, June 01, 2004
wow.. thats all i can say.. mainly because i am in shock of those pictures.. wow... wow.. hey dianne stopped by the lan too, dont forget.

Posted by Marco @ 00:45, June 01, 2004
Those pictures are awesome, come on! You know you like them. How could i forget Dianne? Gah! *fixes* All better.

Posted by Di @ 14:39, June 01, 2004
You forgot me?! *cries forever* Anyway, I'm still in shock that you took pictures of people. That's insane. And the pics of you guys, umm, "joking around," uh, strange. Rather weird. Oh, and I'll be watching my drinks around you and Tyson from now on...

Posted by Charlene @ 17:52, June 02, 2004
Back Scratching Orgies are fun... :-D

Posted by matt @ 18:35, June 02, 2004
*agrees with above comment*

Posted by Jessica @ 20:28, June 02, 2004
muwuahaha.. *agrees with the last tweo comments*