To Paris on Monday
Published Saturday July 27th, 2002

Hrm, well then.. been a while since an update.. maybe i should do one now... Hrm.. Well then.. ehh.. last wednesday i went on a little Motercycle outing with my grandparents (dads side).. we were originally planning to go to France for lunch, but the weather didnt hold out that direction (and later our direction either) so we decided to go somewhere closer, back up in the Berner Alps. That was fun, took some pictures of the little trip off the back of the motorcycle... Motorcylce is the best way to photograph and cover a lot of area without the abstraction of a car... basically.. u can take way cooler pictures form the bike... lol... Hrm.. Thursday... Didnt do too much i dont think.. Helped my grandma arange the upstairs appartment for me and my family to move into (when they arived the next day).... Thats prety much all i did thursday.

Friday, my family arived in Z