First summer weekend over
Published Monday June 16th, 2003

Ahhh, summer is all too good and just way too much fun... and it's only been the 2nd day of my funfilled summer vacation to come. Whats yet instore for me? ah-yes! Hawaii in 2 days.. Switzerland in 3.. mmm, exciting.

Anyways, Saturday Ray, Adam, Wes and I went hiking again.. after some discussion we decided to go to Piedra Blanca (where Adam and i had been a few weeks before) up in Ojai... So, we drove there... got there... and.. just went off trail and climbed all over the rocks... way far up and back.. i covered around 10 miles by the end and.. we were completely covered in ash and dirty to the point where it would be hopeless to clean the clothes we wore.. lol, it kicked ass.. i personaly had a whole too much amount of fun! .. Heh, yes. The photo up there is of a flower i found growing on a sandstone ledge.. thingo.. Quite nice.

Anyways.. sunday... I woke up around 12... at lunch... and.. sat on computer all day, for the most part.... I played on the synth.. worked with Chris on a mini project we have come up with (called Gadmud) heh... yea.. that was cool.. synth playing too.. espacially since a few days ago i fixed the audio from the synth so.. now it sounds all too awsome on my sound system.. mwahahaha... it kicks ass, believe me.. oh yes!... lol... Matt came by and droped of scome CD's that he had bought for me to rip... some CD i didnt care for and.. a classical music CD which i had and contemplated on buying before on but never did.. it kicks ass.. lol.. heh.. so.. i blasted that for the rest of the evening.. And then at 2100 i watched Walking with Cavemen on discovery channel.. then.. i watched Xfiles and... THEN.. i played around some with photos in Photoshop and...and..and.. now i am here typing this posting.... fascinating, no? indeed.. lol...

Hrm.. so.. tomorrow... hrm... i have to go and get new shoes... by Moms orders... lol... i hate new shoes.. i like old, worn in shoes.. Bwah!... heh, i might also get my hair cut a bit... hrm.... Then.. tuesday.. i'll be getting ready to go to hawaii.. packing and.. yep... Wednesday ill be off in hawaii... la de do... i can't wait.. im way too excited... weee wee weee wee wee weee weee weee weee weee weee weee weeeeee!!!

Heh, lol.. Yea.. so.. that's that.... the end of this posting is reaching a near near closure just about.. NOW!