Weekend is over, back to hell.
Published Sunday September 7th, 2003

Heh.. well then.. The medieval "device" of death for Monday is... Impalement! Usualy done by, "inserting a sharply pointed stake into ones posterior, which then is forced through his body, emerging through the head, sometimes through the throat. This stake is then inverted and planted in the ground, so that the wretched victims, as we may well imagine, live on in agony for some days before expiring." (citation) So, now, as i've been doing for the past few days, is with a tad bit of sarcasm (just a tad) say that i'd rather be Impaled then to go to school. Why? Well, for those who don't follow... BECAUSE I HATE SCHOOL! *ahem*

So, the first weekend of school has passed, and now it is sunday, late evening and soon it'll be time to face a full, 5 day week of school. How dreadful. However.. my weekend was good.

Friday evening, the group got togheter.. we all went to In-And-Out. (because, Marwin is obbsesed with fast food, and loves in-and-out for some reason. Marwin being the german exchange student Chris's family is hosting. Good guy.) Heh, afterwards, we went and rented Pulp Fiction and.. watched at Kates house... entertaining movie (except for the gay-rape scene). Heh... More or less, that was Friday evening. Saturday, i got up... did some stuff on the computer a bit, and then went with Kate to santa barbara to go eat dinner at a Morracan restaurant. That was excellent. Uhm... Sunday... i went to bed rather early, 0200ish.. and got up at around 1230 noon.... so, i got a good 10 hours of sleep, which i really enjoyed. I sat on the computer a bit, fell asleep again later in the afternoon, and at 1845 went with Mike and Grant to go see The Order at the movie theatre... Odd movie, typical mike movie, actually.. lol.. Not bad, though... But i wouldnt say it was excellent either. Hrm...

The comming week is looking pretty bleak.. I see nothing on my schedule but GET UP and.. GO TO SCHOOL and TAKE A NAP... Heh, lovely. Maybe i could do some reading.. There are a few books i have i'd like to read.. But, it always seems like i dont have enough time to do anything. I get home at 1415, take a nap till 1600 or earlier. This should technically give me around 7-8 hours before i go to bed, yet they pass so quickly and.. i dont ever really recall doing much with that. This needs to change, and it needs to change soon. Usualy, after i get home from school, i dont feel like being very productive, and.. rarely i feel like being very productive because i've been so unproductive all day, and usualy most of the week... But, on feeling unproductive days... I watch maybe 2 hours of tv, and sit around and chat for another 2... Eat dinner for a max of 1 hour, maybe walk around moping or mindless around my house for another hour... that should still leave me with 1-2 hours of nothingness. So, even if i was to be completely lazy and feel unproductive, i still have a good hour to 2 hours i could spend doing something besides whats routine. I say to myself, i should spend it somehow. Maybe i should, for once, not bullshit my homework and actually do a decent job. Or, maybe.. read a book, or... Program something useful on my computer, or do something in Photoshop.. Just, something productive... However, i lack the skill to kick myself in the ass, to bite the bullet and actually go about and do it. Heh, i wish i had more self control in this area. Or, rather.. self dicipline.

Hrm.. X-Files rerun is about to come on on Fox.. maybe ill watch. I haven't watched an episode since... Before summer vacation started. Heh... So, here's something that annoys me, which, because i feel like typing this random garble which i don't expect many to read, i will now discuss. Since, quite a few of my friends are taking American Government, at the AP level.. and.. their teacher likes to make them read up on news and politics... The topic has appeared more frequently in the IRC channel i hang out in... I hate politics. I hate news even more. News always makes me ragingly mad, or upset, extremely annoyed or aggitated. That, or it just depresses me. So and so raped and murdered so and so. So and so said so and so, so so and so did so and so and sued so and so and i dont really give a damn about so and so doing so and so and when so and so did so and so it was just stupid as hell that he also decided so and so. BWAH. Just thinking about news pisses me off. Politics do the same to me. I hate politicians. Many of them are such morons, gah. Gah, just talking about this is starting to piss me off to the point where i'm going to stop talking about it, making ya'll who're reading this think of me as a incompetent, naive, ignorant dimwit. Oh-well. Let's watch and enjoy X-Files i think i shall.

Till next time.