The Wii Made Me Sore
Published Thursday December 28th, 2006 from in front of my beautiful new monitor, in my room, in Camarillo, CA. Listening to Laura Pausini - Fidati, feeling pretty good, but somewhat tired.

Yes, it's true. Playing the Wii made me sore. I suppose this means I'm either really out of shape (likely) or playing Wii Sports actually requires some physical activity (damn). Other than the Wii making me sore.. Nothing really to talk about other than little snippets of things.. So I'll do a photo-blog type thing! Photos of playing Wii are from December 23rd.

I bought myself a new monitor. A BenQ FP241W Black 24" 16ms (6ms GTG) DVI Widescreen HDMI LCD. It's really really really really nice. It's also really really really bright. When I look away.. the world is dark. My pupils have to re-adjust to normal light, that's how bright it is. It's beautiful.

Yeah? Yea.. I've got more images of my beautiful new monitor here.

I've been spending quite some time (particularly Chris, Mike, and Matt) playing Mike's Nintendo Wii. Mostly Wii Sports as we don't have any other games that are multi-player. It's a lot of fun. More so than one would expect... But it makes you sore if you have no muscles/don't partake in physical activities (read: Don't do shit.)

Chris playing tennis.

Mike playing tennis!

I'm boxing. This actually makes you sweaty/tired and increases your heart rate considerably. What the hell?

Chris is batting, playing baseball.

Taking turns batting. Don't mind my blurry thumb in the frame.

More of me boxing! Don't mind Chris' thumb! Also, more photos of us playing Wii are here.

Yea.. That's all I've got for now. It's bed-time.

Posted by LA @ 01:20, December 28, 2006
Marco I think your monitor still is not centered.. gosh! and i think its time for a new desktop picture that redish pinkish flower just doesnt cut it!

Posted by Marco @ 09:43, December 28, 2006
I spent all evening trying to center it! Gahhhhh. It's impossible. I even tried rulers but that only seemed to make it worse.

Posted by chris @ 14:35, December 28, 2006
Your monitor would look so lovely in my room too. I know you're a man who appreciates all points of view and uses his high interpersonal intelligence to recognize that we all are valid human beings and each emotion from each individual is just as important as the next, and so I think it would look really good on my desk, and since you understand what that would mean to me, you can feel free to drop by anytime today to drop it off. I already made a space on my desk. Thanks Marco!

Posted by Marco @ 16:45, December 28, 2006

Posted by bear @ 11:54, January 12, 2007
the monitor is centered... the flower tilts it visually tho u tards