Tobagan Louge
Published Thursday August 19th, 2004

Thursday, August 5th rolled along and we split up a bit. Raymond went to and around Lausanne a bit to go shopping. Wes, Adam, Kate, Mike, and I went up into the Alps and Tyson went to Interlaken/Grindelwald to jump of a mountain called First. That is, he went to go paraglyding with a tour guide for CHF 160, or there abouts.

We left around 1106 and all went to Bern. In Bern, Raymond split from us and headed off to Southwest Switzerland. The rest of us headed towards Thun. From Thun we headed towards Interlaken. Before getting to Interlaken, Wes, Adam, Kate, Mike and I split from Tyson in a town called Spiez. We went back into the alps, and took regional high elevation trains through the valleys untill we reached a small little ski resort called Schoenried where we got on some gondolas to the top of a mountain called Rellerli. Here there was a tobagan louge thing. We all went down on little sleds for fun filled times. We had something to drink in a restaurant up there, and then soon headed back homeward. The scenery was very, very, very beautiful up there near Gstad.

By the time we reached our flat again it was 2045. I cooked some rice and cream spinach while mike stired it all. Fun for all. Tyson had a lot of fun paraglyding and Raymond enjoyed shopping as he returned with some shopping bags filled with who knows what.

Photo time! No specific order to these. The order that a script spit out the HTML is the order they're in here on this page.

Thursday: Schoenried, Rellerli, Tobagan Louge

Adam coming back up from the bottom of the louge.

Mike coming back up from the bottom. He wiped out near the bottom, or so he said.

My camera bag in a double decker coach in Bern's main train station while we waited to depart.

Wes speeding down the louge.

I found a bug.

Wes on his way down.


Adam, again, coming back up from the bottom.

Wes leaning into a curve.

Wes starting off, down the louge.

Again, the inside of the train.

Adam coasting down the louge.

Mike starting off, down the louge. He looks like a little kid.

Adam starting off down the louge.

Ah! Wes!

Photo of the scenery around us.

The louge..

There goes Mike!

The louge, Adam, scenery.

Mike took this photo of me speeding down the louge.

Mike at the very start of the louge.

Scenery. The gondolas which took us up.

More scenery. It's so beautiful.


* Photos have not been altered and could probably use some white-balancing, contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue adjustments.
Posted by Andimandi @ 12:19, August 20, 2004
OH FUN!!!! I wanna go tobagan Louge-ing !!!! fun ..... (you look like little kids)....some one there looks happpy...big smiles...heh heh