Day one passes.
Published Tuesday August 28th, 2001

Hm, day one of s*hool has passed... Only llke 10938210381439 to go! woohoo! yeah! *sob* I really don't like going to s*hool.... baah! And it gets yet even dumber... Since my s*hool has some new principal she is making all these stupid new policies, and now we are limited to where we can eat to like the "lunch area"... they cant fit like 1300 or how many students my s*hool has into that area! hell no! i don't want to eat lunch there! Stupid! baah! i wana stay home! As for my classes.. woohoo! im so happy! yey! NOT! I just plainly and simply do not like s*hool! HMPH! baah! baah! baah! haha, isn't this a most excelent new post!? filled with so much news and news trivia about me, ey? not really, just my moaning about s*hool and how i hate it... haha... but.. moi foi! hmm, well then... anyways... what else is new.... *blinks* NOTHING! woohooo! However, big news! I intend to launch eM-eList this weekend! But most likely under a new name, which i have yet to decide upon. Hopefully i'll be able to drive some sort of rather impressive croud to the ListBot service, and if i can, i plan on developing another service. Hm, well, yep, ta ta!