You almost kneed yourself.
Published Monday February 7th, 2005

We watched a movie called Idle Hands Sunday evening (last night), a movie where a teen-pothead's hand gets possessed by Satan, kills a bunch of people, the pothead chops of his hand, the hand kills more people, and then the pothead gets the hot chick at the end of the movie. It was really funny and a worthwhile watch for all who are bored.

The movie was followed by everyone going to bed which was followed by everyone getting up to go to school which was likely followed by everyone going, "Ugh." This morning right before my alarm clock went off, I got a call from 'lilo' on, a staffer wanting to update the group contact (which is me) for #epiar. Ha ha, that was entertaining. After the call, I took a shower and was off to Santa Barbara for a wonderful time in Photo 101 where we took a quiz, and all I can say to that is..

3 6 12 25 50 100 200 400 800 1600 3200 6400 ...
4 8 15* 30* 60* 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 ...
5 10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1250 2500 5000 10000 ...
... or something...
Exactly. That's what I said. After this passed, I was set to go to my next class, and upon arrival I found that class had been cancelled because the teacher was on jury duty. That was fine by me, and so I drove down Garden street all day way to E Cota where I made a left turn until I ended up at Colour Services where I picked up some 4x5 chromes I had developed, as well as some transparency film, I then loaded some more 4x5 film into my film holders, and was soon on my way back to Camarillo.

On my way home, the coolest thing happened which made my day. I had been wanting to do what I did for such a long time, but the opportunity never arose until I drove home today. Here's what it was: I was driving in the far left lane, and someone was in front of me. I couldn't really go much faster because.. there was someone in front of me, and there was also someone to the right of me chilling in my blind spot (I hate that.) This person in some SUV gets so close behind me in a Honda Civic that I could no longer see their headlights. That, my friends.. Is major tailgating. I don't like it when I'm being tailgated, especially when I can do anything to get the tailgater of my back.. So I did what I've been wanting to do for some time. I squirted water all over my window, and the wiper wiped it to the left, and over the civic and BAM! water all over the SUV's windows. I did it for quite some time. In my side mirrors I could watch the water fly back right onto the windows of the tailgater. I was filled with joy. The tailgater for pissed, and started flashing their brights repeatedly, over and over and over, and over, very rapidly. This filled me with even greater joy. ... And all of this made my day. ... So I warn you.. If you tailgate me and you are within range, I will squirt water onto your car. Bwahaha!

Hrm.. I've just come to a realisation. How cold my feet are is directly related to how bad I need to urinate, and how long I have held of urinating.

After I got home from Santa Barbara, I hung around my house until now. After dinner, Gem and Chelsea came over for about two hours of rambling and chatting and further babbling. This was enjoyable. Listening to people ramble for ones own entertainment... is.. well... entertaining! ;)

(23:10:36) Marco Luethy: on a tree
(23:10:38) Marco Luethy: I spy a bee
(23:10:44) Marco Luethy: it starts at me
(23:10:47) Marco Luethy: with such glee
(23:10:49) Jesse Orosco: fucker stung me in the knee
(23:10:58) Marco Luethy: oh what a bee!
(23:11:21) Jesse Orosco: so i climb up that tree...
(23:11:31) Jesse Orosco: stare that bee in his look of glee
(23:11:40) Jesse Orosco: and then what do i see?
(23:11:49) Jesse Orosco: mrs bee looking all sultry at me
(23:12:25) Marco Luethy: ...
(23:12:27) Marco Luethy: im beat.

... Uhm... Someone just called my mobile phone and started talking Spanish to me.. The problem with that is, I don't speak Spanish.. See me problem?

Indeed.. Now I sit here and it is dark outside, my room is cold, and I'm also sitting in a chair. Jesse just signed off and went to bed.. And I sit here without many thoughts in my head... Which is a lie. So I ramble, instead. ...

This entry should be ended now, for it has degraded into worthless babble.

For this very reason, I do just that thing.

Thusly, I bid you adieu. .. or something.

For the nerdier people out there, this is funny.
Posted by Simon+ @ 00:35, February 08, 2005
what a coincidence, i was just reading my lit. book and it mentioned rhyming scemes.

Posted by Di @ 01:52, February 08, 2005
good to know. about the cold feet and the urination i mean. lol.

Posted by Marco @ 01:54, February 08, 2005
Isn't it? I know! What a revelation! Wow...

Posted by +grosi @ 02:05, February 13, 2005
What were you doing with the tailater, where do you know that?

Posted by Marco @ 12:02, February 13, 2005
Ha ha! I think you know very well where I learned it from. :)