Bunker, Castle.. Canon?
Published Sunday May 9th, 2004

I say, a blog entry- Yes! This would be the 300th blog entry ive made. Woot!

Saturday.. i was awaken at noon by a phone call from Chris. He asked if i wanted to go to the beach, and after some time, i accepted. Got up, ate something, and picked up Matt, Kristen, Jesse, and then drove to Point Mugu where we met up with Tyson, Chris and Marwin. We had a lot of fun. Pranced around the water, built a moat, a bunker, a castle/fort.. dragged a huge tree trunk to the bunker thingo, and wanted to plant it vertical again so that we could possibly climb around on it, for some reason. Though, this plan was foiled when the bunker was flooded with ocean. Some odd guy came over to us and sort of helped lift up the tree trunk thing, but we failed... Instead, we continued building on the little fort/castle i started to build earlier out of random bamboo and other sticks. We put some woven mat things over it.. and we had a roof! We also dug down into the sand and made it larger so that you could sit in it comfortably. Mike, Kate and Chelsea showed up at some time. Mike left again towards 1600. We also played 'chicken' on the tree trunk/log thing we moved around, which i sort of hurt my back while we movied it. Oh well, chicken was fun. lol. We burried Jesse, and gave him special enhanced body parts.. erm. Kristen was the only female around for a bit, untill Kate and Chelsea showed up.. Hopefully she wasnt bored, heh.

Once we left the beach, we went to the Habit and ate dinner, dropped off Jesse, Kristen and then Matt. Went home and took a shower. Matt came over, and soon Tyson, Raymond, Kate and Chris followed. We watched some south park, and when Jesse, Kristen and Chelsea arrived, we watched Dazed And Confused. Chris left at some point. After the movie we hung about.. Jesse, Kristen and Kate left, and then Matt. We watched some more south park, and Raymond fell asleep in a bed. Chelsea, Mike and I had good nostalgic conversation untill 0200. I liked the conversation with just the three of us. Heh. At around 0215 Mike, Chelsea and Raymond left. I heated some food in the microwave, and, well.. here i am.

For a long time now, i havent had any dreams when i sleep, at least, not that i ever remember.. But, i think im starting to have, or, remember dreams. Hoorah! Dreams, yey. It's kind of odd, because i havent really dreamt in such a long time. Does this mean im not sleeping as deep? Heh, because, thats less fun.. Sleeping really, really deep is great. Heh.

Meh, i just ate something, and now my stomach is unhappy and protesting with stomach cramps. Hmph, fine! See if i feed you again! Err..

Mike, Chelsea and I were talking a lot about friends this early morning. It's kind of interesting. It's interesting how Mike has become one of my best friend. (I don't believe in having A best friend.) I think its also interesting how many of my friends end up becoming, or knowing one another.

When i got somewhat bored and disatisfied with one of my groups.. I sort of started to mingle with a few other friends of mine, and their group. In that group was Jesse, who seemed to have become disatisfied and perhaphs bored as i was with his own group. Now, Jesse frequently hangs out with myself and group A. lol, its interesting what a tangled web is spun with assosciations and connections. Somehow all my friends know one another, no matter what group. Even the random outliers, satelite friends, friends i don't really see all that often, friends like Gem, are somehow associated with my friend groups through someone in the group. (In this case, Chelsea.) It's kind of neat. *shrugs*

Heh, im soo soo tired. I blame physical movement from the beach. Heh.

Anyway, i think that'll do it. I'm tired, and, well, bed.
Posted by DI @ 22:11, May 09, 2004
awww, man i'm sad i missed the beach and the fort-building. next weekened, we go again. i love having lots of friends. it makes for good times.

Posted by Margret @ 16:31, May 13, 2004
I think you have a great Group of Friends, Marco. I have enjoyed knowing some of them and I wish you all a great Future!!