There went June.
Published Monday July 3rd, 2006

So… It’s Monday.. And I’m fairly and rather thoroughly bored. But.. I didn’t expect to be doing anything different, so I suppose there really shouldn’t be any disappointment in my boredom. Monday, Monday, Monday, I don’t work today. I kind of wish I did. Even if I was bored, I’d still be getting paid.. and I spent a lot of money yesterday, so having more of it would be nice.. because our civilisation resolves around the stuff.

A few days ago, on Friday.. I went to work. I know, I know.. Amazing, right? .. Not particularly.. I wrote a little shell script to make backups of, and then have a computer at home down load the resulting tarball on a weekly basis.. That was definitely a highlight of Friday.. as sad as that may sound. I also went to lunch with Chris and Danielle. We ate at a fine restaurant establishment called Wendy’s. I returned to work after some time, but soon met back up with Chris, Kristen, Chelsea, and Danielle at Kristen’s house. We hung about.. riveting. Later, with nothing else better to do, Matt joined us. .. but soon the night came to a close for most of the group and Matt and I found ourselves sitting in my car chatting, parked in the Park and Ride on Santa Rosa with nothing better to do.

Fire is fun. Cory, Matt, and Katie around the fire.
Saturday came along.. I woke up.. and soon thereafter took three naps, a shower, and then headed to Chelsea’s house at around 15h where I met up with her and Danielle… We eventually made our way to the Jans theatre and saw Superman Returns. It was fairly decent. A lot better than X-Men 3.. A lot. After the movie Chelsea, Danielle, and I went and ate dinner at Quiznos.. Then stopped by Chris’s house where we saw Chris and Kristen, but then left and went to Chelsea’s house where we played some Harry Potter game.. And then rather abruptly we dispersed.. and I met up with Matt, Cory, and Cory’s sister Katie in a back-lot near Flynn. We eventually ended up down in the Creek bed that runs through Camarillo and made a fire. This was rather enjoyable. By the end of the night at around 03.00 we had a lot of decently smouldering embers. .. Too bad we didn’t have anything to cook on them..
Our fire down in the creek.

I woke up Sunday morning a bit before noon and was soon on my way with Chelsea and Matt to go to Hollywood.. We went to Sammy’s Camera where I bought a Siler/Sunlight reflector and two filters: a Hoya polarizer and a 6 point Tiffen star filter. $$$ $$ $$$ $$ $$$ $$ Ka-Chingggggg$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$

Anyway.. After all that, we found ourselves on Santa Monica Blvd wandering around.. Eventually.. I really needed food… and… I wound up back at another Quiznos. Quiznos two meals in a row.. ewwwwwwwww.. but I didn’t care anymore, I was so hungry..

On our way back towards Camarillo, we stopped by the Guitar Centre in Sherman Oaks to play with the Access Virus synth that they have there.. It makes orgasmic sounds. When we returned to Camarillo, after a quick stop at a gas station, we made our way to a bit past Point Mugu and hung about a bit trying to cool off from the heat. After the beach, a great, immense and very dense cloud of super-boredom decended. So dense was the cloud of boredom that all my energy both physically and emotionally was just drained and sucked away from my being. We sat around at Chelsea’s trying to figure out what to do.. We migrated to Cory’s house to figure out what to do.. We met up with Chris at Mission Oaks Park by the tennis courts trying to figure out what to do. Raymond met up with us and we trying to figure out what to do. Joel and Kevin hung about with us and we all hung about trying to figure out what to do. Eventually Joel and Kevin left and we continued trying to figure out what to do.. But we failed. I ended dropping Cory off back at his house and the rest of us went to In-n-Out. After In-n-Out I dropped Chelsea and Matt off at their respective homes and then Chris, Raymond, and myself went into the spa at his family’s apartment complex. This was rather enjoyable and lasted for at least two-almost three hours before we finally called it a night..

After a shower and some lounging around in my room in the nude, I went to bed, woke up.. and eventually started writing this.. How fascinating… These recollections are truly and thoroughly, with great delight, the most amazing things everrrrrrrrrrr……..

Less than two weeks before I get to get the hell out of here! EEEEEEE!!! I haven’t been in Switzerland in what seems (and is) FOREVER! I am rather excited. Rather.

So.. I’ve run out of things to say.. this is my conclusion.
Posted by The fatty @ 19:16, July 03, 2006
yay for Switzerland!

Posted by daniela @ 21:32, July 03, 2006
marco, i don't think its fair that cory's sister gets to hang out with cory and you and i can't. whats up with that? huh?

Posted by Marco @ 22:06, July 03, 2006
You can join me anytime you wish, niela!.. I just don't think you would ever want to..

Posted by Marco @ 22:06, July 03, 2006

Posted by Brian @ 11:25, July 05, 2006
I don't think I'd want to if I were you. I mean, read what he did... nothing! What a LOOOOOOSER! Bwahahaha okay I'm done.

Posted by biggnthed @ 08:18, July 07, 2006
Take lots of pictures in switzerland. Also when are coming to florida punk?

Posted by christopher michael thielen @ 10:21, July 07, 2006
biggnthed! i miss you! haha

Posted by The fatty @ 09:30, July 08, 2006
lol, i miss those days in the chat...sometimes. hey biggnthed! (from menolly)

Posted by No Name @ 17:29, July 09, 2006
I stop in #epiar every once and a while but it's always empty. I usually cry myself to sleep those nights.

Posted by biggnthed @ 17:30, July 09, 2006
This was my post, but I'm a moron and forgot to put my name down.

Posted by Marco @ 17:30, July 08, 2006
Haha.. If only I had the time (ie: didn't have a good job..) I'd be out there swiming in the everglades in the nude.. .. ..

Posted by Damon @ 20:35, July 08, 2006
my favorite part: "I woke up, and soon thereafter took three naps..." How exactly do you identify three individual naps rather than one long continuous nap? What qualifies as the end of one nap and the beginning of another? Does simply opening ones eyes count as a break between naps, or must one actually rise form his/her resting spot and perform some seemingly mundane action so as to officially call an end to his/her "first" nap before beginning ones "second" nap? If one can simply become even the slightest bit lucid and claim that they have transitioned from one nap to another then DANIELA frequently engages in upwards of 7 to 10 naps in a night of hanging out. Now if she actually must erect herself, or become upright, then the number decreases considerably. If she must form some kind of coherent sentence, or engage in some type of logical verbal exchange with another intelligent carbon based life form, such as a boyfriend, mother, father, or brother, then a certain grey area forms, due only to the fact that one would be no less than puzzled in where to draw the line between nonsensical ramblings emanated during ones slumber, and actual, rational, thought inspired, verbal expressions. (sorry for the run-on) In the future Im somewhat inspired to keep some kind of secret tally of naps taken, duration, etc. Then in time post my findings with added commentary, maybe monthly or weekly averages. Creation of pie charts and or xy scatter charts seems the only commonsensical next step. After all my hard work I can formulate some kind of rough number as to how much time Daniela spends asleep in my presence. Of course the number of naps taken will vary based on what you consider one nap (see above). I can only one day hope to create an actual formula for predetermining how much time I can expect her to be asleep for an evening sometime in the future. The number would be rough at best. The formula would have to be based on outside factors such as, but not limited to: time spent sleeping the previous night, time spent at the gym that day, time spent riding that day, how late we will be hanging out, etc. So lets say that she spent 1 hour at the gym, 3 hours riding, and got 8 hours of sleep the previous night. First we can combine the gym time and riding time seeing that they are both activity of similar intensity. We arrive at 4, now we can subtract that number from hours of sleep received the previous night, we are left again with 4. So far weve kept it pretty simple, but this can get tricky pretty quick. Each hour of the day must be assigned a number based on the likelihood of Daniela actually falling asleep. I mean if we are hanging out from noon to one then she is far less likely to fall asleep than if we were hanging out form 11pm to midnight. Before we do this its only natural that we change to 24 hour time to differentiate from am and pm, that is 1 in the afternoon would have a much lower likelihood of Daniela falling asleep than 1 in the morning. I would think we could create a 1 to 10 scale based on the chance of Daniela falling asleep; 1 being the least likely, 10 being the most likely. All of this of course is in theory and is to be worked out later. Once we have calculated this far, then next step would be to create some kind of constant to better determine how long I can expect her to be asleep. I propose that I generate a set of constants rather than one constant. Follow my logic for a second; I think that the constant should be environment based. One cant deny how big a role the environment plays in Daniela falling asleep. I would defiantly use different, predetermined constants for different environments, for example: Daniela is far more likely to fall asleep at home on the couch than say, in a noisy dance club, or at the movies. Other factors can also play in to the set of constants, noise levels, availability of blankets, pillows, cloths worn, etc. I suggest that these factors be calculated last because the first factors discussed carry far more importance. I mean if Daniela had say 2 hours of sleep the night before, then went to the gym, and the ranch, she is going to fall asleep no matter where she is, or what time it is, she could be in the mosh pit at a loud concert wearing the most uncomfortable clothing she owns, and she will defiantly fall asleep. TRUST ME. Once I have arrived at some kind of rough formula I could then see how close my numbers compare with actual data of her sleep times, then refine the formula as time goes on. First I would come up with a margin of error then try to improve my calculations to close that margin of error. For example say I have calculated that Daniela will be asleep tonight for 1 hour plus or minus 30 minutes, as long as the actual sleep time falls in that range we are in business! I could start with a very wide range; following the above example replacing the margin of error with /- 1 hour. So she can be asleep anywhere from 0 to 2 hours and I can still consider my formula a success. Replacing the margin of error with the predicted sleep time I have ensured that my formula will be correct even if she doesnt fall asleep at all, which, in my experience is HIGHLY unlikely. At best this will be a rough guess as to her sleep time, but with careful adjustments over time I hope to one day be able to accurately predict Daniela time spent asleep in my presence. As always I am open to any suggestions that would further my research, perhaps a factor I have over looked. Is anybody still reading this?

Posted by Marco @ 15:03, July 12, 2006
A nap, in my book.. is a period during which you are asleep and does not take place during your normal night's sleep, and is shorter than your average night sleep. Naps are separated by a few moments of consciousness during which you are not in a sleeping position and your eyes are not closed. So, for me.. I tend to roll out of my computer chair into my bed and i fall asleep almost instantly.. Then I wake up.. I usually tend to roll back into my computer chair, but soon find that there's nothing to do, so roll back into my bed and take yet another nap. This cycle usually repeats until I find something else to do.. In Danielas case, separating naps based only on separation of muffled ramblings and mutterings is not a considerable amount, especially because Daniela tends to mumble and ramble in a full nights of sleep anyway. Danielas constant efforts to stay asleep may be related to her impending malnutrition. I would definately support an investigation into her daily consciousness..ness.. Charts and graphs, the works. Perhaps create a simple script on some website on which you could input data and keep track of it and calculate your formulas including any margins of error.