Almost weekend! yes!
Published Thursday October 25th, 2001

NOTE!: The trancing out live mixed by dj emel stream will no longer be airing due to my ISP's bitchings... they think i was running a public ftp server of some napster server.. yea.. whatever... was only a stream.. not really illegal.. but whatever.. i dont seem to be alowed to use the bandwidth i pay for... how great.. Hello hello! Hm, weekend is almost here! It's looking promising! I think a lot of programing will take place! yes! excelent! Lister is entering development stage 2! YES! wonderful! Emel Studio's site layout is complete and now content will be added, and the move will be made! Hm, annyways.. yes.. tomorrow evening.. im going to see a play.. o.O... Sleepy Hollow or something... my friend is being forced to go see it.. so.. i offered to join him so he wouldnt be totaly bored... now we can be bored togheter! ill probably catch some sleep... lol... hm.. well.. i got to go now... yes.. well.. expect a few changes to this site over the weekend, and expect more news from Lister Developments!