Goobelie Boobelie Goop
Published Monday June 14th, 2004

2 more classes
2 more classes
1.. 1.. 2!
2 more classes
and im done with high school.

Well.. One of the last entries from America for the next 6 months. Here goes..

Friday was Mike's graduation. I got home from school, took a nap, then once i woke up i drove up to Mike's house on the 101 just before they closed the 101 feeway for the Ronalg Reagan motorcade.. Heh. We hung around Mike's house a bit, he left us there because he had to be there earlier. We went with his parents to Newbury Park High School, and by we i mean Tyson, Kate, Raymond and myself. The graduation ceremony lasted about 2 or so hours and was rather.. well.. yea. A good speech by a friend of Mike's, Matt Lee- as always. After the ceremony, at the sort-off reception i saw and briefly spoke with Rachel Williams, a once-upon-a-time close friend, now pleasant accquaintance. Heh, we didn't speak much in the chaos of the masses.. I also saw another once-upon-a-time best friend Timothy Hall who i had not seen in quite some time. He looked quite different than how he used to. It was quite shocking. Im sure it was the same for him..

After the ceremony we all went to Mike's where we ate some food, and hung out. I left Mike's house at around 2240 and drove back to Camarillo. Jesse, Andy, Wes, Matt, and Jessica were all at the movie theatre seeing The Chronicles of Riddick and so i found a dark, peaceful spot and sat in my car blasting music, waiting for the movie to finish. When it did, i met up with Jessica and Matt at the bottom of Worth Way, and we went to my house where we hung about into the night, and all spent the night in my guest house. Was fun.

Saturday.. Jessica left my house, and Matt and I ate lunch at my house. We then went to his house with my synthesizer which i am letting him borrow for the next 6 months, because it will be of no use to me. Anyway, we played around on our various musical equiptment, played together, played along with some other music.. was fun. Wes came over at some point. We lounged around a bit, rather bored and with nothing to do. Wes left again to go buy flight tickets for Switzerland with Adam, and so now i will have 6 friends with me in Switzerland. Tyson, Raymond, Wes and Adam from the 15th of July, Mike and Kate from the 23rd untill Tyson and Raymond leave on the 9th of August, and the rest on the 16th. Fun, fun.

Matt and I played a few rounds, or, one round of Battlefield 1942 and then Jessica came over. We ate dinner at Matt's house and held conversation with Matt's dad and step-mother. We returned to Matt's room and hung out a bit, then Jesse came over, and then Wes and Adam. We decided to go to nearby Point Mugu in the dark for the hell of it to climb around on rocks. Jesse wasn't feelin' the beach and went back home. The rest of us went and had fun climbing around in the dark. Adam left with Grant and Joel, whom we never saw because Matt, Jessica, Wes and I were in a little alcove thingo on the edge of a cliff over-looking the ocean. Was pleaseant and peaceful, heh. We returned to Camarillo, went to Wendy's where we got some food which we brought back to Matt's house were we ate it. Wes left, soon Jessica and I left as well and went to her house. Eventually left for home, and that was Saturday.

Sunday rolled along and i woke up at a lovely noonish time. I got up and started compiling and installing all sorts of software under my Linux partition on my laptop for i will be leaving soon and i want all to be ready on my system, for this laptop will be my computer throughout the time i am in Europe. Anyway, at around 1400ish i went over to Jessica's. Soon Matt came over, we hung around a bit, then went to Matt's house were we also hung around a bit, and then had dinner at his house again, and again held conversation with Matt's dad, which was fun. We hung around in Matt's room the rest of the evening untill Jessica and I left for her house where my car was. I got home at around 2300.

I was at Jessica's house, and i just happened to have been at, so i figured that i would search for 'the goobelie boobelie goop' but to my disapointment, my search yielded no results. So, with this said, i must now add a page to the internet which contains all the words: goobelie, boobelie and goop. So, here is, in fact, that very page! The goobelie boobelie goop page! Yes!

I find it somehow amusing how people tend to think that their social lives will be so different once high school is over. Sure, there will be new friends, and new places to go, things to do, but the typical and usual drama will always ensue. There are many types of people in the world, obviously. Some create the drama in this society, some spread it around, some exaggerate it some more than the original dramatic, and some play the middle man, some appease all sides, and some just dont care, and so forth, and so forth. I really don't think this will change after high school. What makes right now so different from 6 months from now? Different location. Different friends. It's highly probable that there will always be a dramatic person in ones group. Yeh.

Heh, so.. I need to do a little rant on Ronald Reagan, or rather, his death and funeral ceramony. Really, the person is not all so relevant to this following rant. You could use most any high-ranked-in-society name.. So yea.. Ronald Reagan dies and all of a sudden, "woooh! oh!! aahhh!!! He's dead! oh no!!! awww!! tragic!" Erm, okay.. The man was 93. People die. It's normal. Have i mentioned that people die and that its normal? Okay. Then you have this huge ceremony for this one guy who is dead and no longer really a guy because he is dead, and no longer really a dead because it is just a dead body laying there inside that box made of wood around which a huge ceremony is being held in a big brick building filled with all sorts of people, leaders from all sorts of countries, people with all sorts of different religions singing a unequiely christian hymn in this unequely christian church. Oh, and outside stands a pole with a flag half way up, not all the way up, not all the way down or off, but half the way up.

Let me spew some words which comes to mind: Symbolism, Death, Humanity, Society, Respect, People, Interesting, DEAD BODY. Okay.. This is all fine and dandy. There's something about all of this which bothers me, and i dont quite know why, but it does, but, okay.. fine and dandy.

* Friday, during 2nd period, my outspokenly catholic english teacher decided to turn on the tv and show Ronald Reagan's funeral proceedings. So, the ceramony was broadcast on national, and most likely international tv. So, mr president Bush gives a little speech, a eulegy (however you spell that).. Mkay. With his long pauses and awkward audiability he crawled through the thing speaking as though the dead corpse was his best friend. I realize that it is probable that he did not prepare the eulegy himself. After this, bits and pieces from the indomitable and supercilious Bible; Forbid we do not acquiesce before it. Ah, and as the choir sang and sung its lyrical compositions the broadcast began to pan in and out of various cities and locations. At first, cities around the United States, which was fine and dandy, but then to Berlin, then to Moscow and to Paris. I really doubt people in Berlin, Moscow, or Paris really care much about some dead body who once was a president of a country not of their own. (I could be wrong, who knows?) Why oh why did they have to show said footage? It brought me great irritation. Yes, of course! How could i forget? Doth one celeb' from the States do perish, how could i but think that the rest of the world does not mourn as greatly? Silly me. Okay, so, next time an ex-president from Paris dies, i'd like to have the funeral ceremony broadcast onto my television in all its execrable glory. (The sarcasm and irony pains me in such very pleasurable ways.) Forbid the United States be the only non-heathen-establishment.

Everyone dislike me yet? I could continue, perhaps improve or clarify my standing, but, my bed is indeed looking awefully inviting. So, now that i've completed my offensive, disrespectful, probably confusing, and perhaps ignorant (or naive) rant, i take a bow and say goodnight.
Posted by Eric @ 04:00, June 14, 2004
Every time I turn on the T.V. I see ronald regan on 80% of the channels. First of all let the man rest in peace, he was an OK president. But a certain 3 trillion dollar national debt comes to mind..... So needless to say, I agree with the rant marco. And have fun with your two classes. Hell maybe you should skip them.

Posted by Di @ 17:07, June 14, 2004
I think it's eulogy...And I'd believe people in Berlin and Moscow were supporting Reagan...he did, after all help with the end of a divided Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Oh, and also... WE ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!! HIGH SCHOOL IS OVER!!!!

Posted by Jessica @ 10:53, June 15, 2004
9 more days :(

Posted by marwin @ 12:30, June 15, 2004
I don't care marco you are right, why should people in Berlin are Regan? Hello People wake up, we have bigger porblems than a dead president honor him, yes, for a couple days, but then forget about it. not more. arg. Too much of it 3 weeks for me left and I have mixed feeelings