Multiple Intelligences
Published Monday December 18th, 2006 from my linux box at work. Listening to Sigur Rós - Petur, feeling unmotivated and fuzzy-minded.

My quiz results.
In Chris Thielen's entry "What type of intelligence do you have?" he mentions an intelligence quiz. I thought it was interesting enough to re-share. My personal results don't particularly surprise me.

All the things I really like (art, music, my thoughts) stand out prominently, and the things I dislike (math, exercise) don't. Although, I did find it interesting that my Nature smart is as low as it is, and that.. even though I hate numbers, I find myself to be one of the most logical people I know. Perhaps my perception is skewed. Then again, the quiz may only be able to take into account numbers and math to evaluate logic.

As Chris mentions, I too took similar quizzes or assessments during grade school. The results always told me that I was an Auditory learner. Although I suppose a slightly different result/context than what the previously linked quiz assesses.

Take the test yourselves and post your "code" here! It's interesting to see peoples results.
Posted by a bear @ 12:12, December 18, 2006

Posted by xiphias @ 14:36, December 18, 2006 " I live in LA, and I just went to a gravity hill we have around here a couple nights ago. It’s near Moorpark Community College." Gravity hills are cool, and this one is by your college, I think. Go for it. - xiph

Posted by chris @ 22:20, December 18, 2006
Yeah, they told me I was an auditory learner too. We're 30% of the population apparently. From the websites I've read we're perceived as rude because we don't look at people when talking or listening, we tend to listen to lots of music and we study best when there's non-vocal music in the background. Or so they say. *not looking at you*

Posted by Marco @ 22:29, December 18, 2006
Wow. haha. accurate... on all points. creeeepy.

Posted by xiphias @ 12:49, December 19, 2006
lk5fq98344 Image to results linked in the http:// field... Yes, I'm using Photobucket. Deal with it.