Cows.. go.. Moo!
Published Monday February 18th, 2002

well then, how about a random picture to start off this post, and.. to inform ya'll that the Album section in the archives is back! This time its even better then before.. actually, it kinda sucked before, now its cool! I haven't completely finished it yet...

...But once i do finish it you will be able to resize every picture to your likings, configure how many images to display per page, how large u want the image to be displayed by default.. and.. all this other lovely whooha! Hrm. yes, indeed... anyways..... Thats really all new... I spent like.. an hour on it and thats all the programing ive done all of the past 3 days! aaagH! Ohwell.. hrm.. tomorrow.. once again.. School.. ugh.. wonderful.. UGH... anyways... yea, nothing new.. nothing interesting happening... TOday we setup 2 wireless 802.11b linksys accesspoints to bridge to ne another, so now there is access to the network from the guesthouse! yey!! Isnt that great? i sure think so... Hrm, yes indeed... Today my internet connection was being odd.... completely random speeds... 100kbps up and 1000 down.. then... 100 down and 1000 up.. i think they were doing something down at my ISP... or so i hope.. Hrm, great fun.. Now, unfortunately i must go to bed.... so, off i go!