A weekend goes by.
Published Saturday July 24th, 2004

Ah yes, the first weblog entry in this batch of entries to be posted, seeing as how i just uploaded 5 entries to my website yesterday. Thus, here goes..

Let me begging this 10th entry from Switzerland with the typical recounting of things before i ramble a bit about some things..

Saturday was a pretty slow day. It was the first full day my parent's were in Switzerland, and for me, the first day i was here, it was just kind of odd, and i was out of it. So, yea, not much went on, although time passed quickly anyway. We had lunch with my grandparents (Lüthy) and dinner as well. I spent some time after lunch getting my laptop to work with my grandparents random usb adsl modem.. I finally got it working under Windows. Still no luck under Linux, pooh. Once i got it working, i .. did some things on the Internet. In the late afternoon i drove with my grandpa (i drove) to pick up some strawberries. When i we returned, i started playing some Call of Duty and got in about an hour. After dinner i played for another 3 hours before going online again with my laptop. Ha ha, 4 hours of game-time.. Rather rare for me.. But when there's not much else to do, why not play some games? I have plenty left to play which i brought with me on my portable hard disk, so, all is well... yes.

Sunday was a bit more eventful. After getting up and taking a shower for the first time in quite a number of days (i seem to become less dirty less quickly then in California..), Andrea, Roli, Margret and I went over to a old school friend of Margret's. There, we met up with Sommer Jr's.. Irene, Fritz, Naemi, her boyfriend Matthias, Mirjam, and Damaris where all there as well as Rahel, Michael, and one more kid, plus their parents, Paul and Brigitte, i guess were the names.. So many, i don't recall. Anyways.. We all met there to eat lunch together. My mom missed Mirjam's confirmation and school conclusion traditional rituals, and this is significant because my mom is Mirjam's god-mother, so this luncheon was set to be considered a make-up for Margret missing it.. We ate well. People talked a lot, and i did a lot of listening and not responding much when people talked about me because i found it awkward for some unknown reason, at the time..

Gray hair seemed to be a prevalent topic at the table, and i've noticed that said topic seems to come up a lot among my parents and their acquaintances.. An observation for you.

I carry around this little small, pocket-sized composition notebook in which i frequent with little ramblings and notes. Everyone seems fascinated by this, and is seemingly interested, always wanting to know what i write in it. Well, this is what i write in it. So is the next thing i say, and the thing after that, and a lot of my rambling topics. The things i write in there, i end up talking about here. I'm odd like that, and i enjoy doing this, thus i shall continue doing so. *Marks this off the list in the notebook*

During conversation at the table the arrangement of people followed a sort of scheme where all the parents sat at one end, and the offspring at the other end. 6 parents sat opposite to their respective children from a collective of 9. 4 parents had 3 children each present, and 2 more parents had only 2 children present. Fritz and Irene had Mirjam, Naemi and Damaris there. Paul and Brigitte (let me mention now that Paul is Mirjams God-father, hence his family was also present at the luncheon, and hosted the escapade.) had their 3 kids there, and Margret and Roland had Andrea and myself there. Fascinating, no? I though it was oddly amusing for some reason. Fritz and Irene have another daughter, Deborah, who was at work.

At the table-yes, this fascinating table-the conversation was often structured in a way similar to this: Parents (I want to call them the old people) had their own conversation, and the offspring had their own, and somehow, frequently, these separate conversations with separate topics merged into one topic, and then the cycle repeated itself.

I picked up on some odd tension, or, interesting undertones or vibes or whatever you want to call it between Fritz, my uncle and Brigitte, my mom's friend.. The way they handled each others presence, or conversations with each other, was interesting to observe, which i did.

We got a little tour of Paul and Brigitte's house. They had just recently remodelled, or re-done their old farm house. They're not really farmers, but just live in a farm house which was over 200-250 years old. They completely redid everything, and it went from really tight and lacking space (how i remember it from years in the past) where i would have about 3 cm from my head and the ceiling, to having plenty of head room and spacious hallways. It is now very modern looking and were light and bright and really looked quite lovely. Many farm houses are around 200 years old around here, i suppose.

I also learnt that in this Canton it is required by construction codes that new buildings be constructed with a bomb-shelter in the basement. My grandparent's apartment's each have one, and i've been within one before, so i am familiar with what it is. Paul and Brigitte's house had one too. Just a small, cold room fortified by masonry and concrete and a huge heavy door as well as an air purifier and such things.. Kind of spooky and erie, if i may say so myself. Kind of interesting, though..

After we left the luncheon, we returned to the Sommer's farm where we met up with my grandparents (Sommer). We talked a bit. Andrea and i went outside a bit, and watched Fritz feed the steers and bulls. He told me some things about the animals, how he gets more money by having an opening above the stalls and how he improves the worth of the meat... It was interesting, and i sort of would have liked to hear more.

We ate dinner with my grandma and grandpa, and as i finished, a young cow was birthing offspring for its first time and Andrea and I watched as Fritz and Irene had to sort of pull the new, young calf out of its mother who was a bit.. perplexed at what to do. So, we saw the birthing of a calf. Was interesting, and the first time to see it. We watched it clean the young calf, and suchlike.. It was kind of cute, and unfortunately i didn't have the camera.. I say this because at one point when i went back again to see what the two were doing, they were standing close together and both looked up at me, which i would have liked to capture.. But, oh well.. It's captured in my mind, right? Heh..

After all this, we chatted a bit with my grandma and grandpa in the living room, and then we returned to my other grandparents' (Lüthy) apartment. I went online a bit, called Tyson and.. well, all is well for their (Wes, Adam, Raymond and Tyson) Thursday arrival, or so we hope and think. This all, was my Sunday.

Heh, see? Writing down little things, thoughts and observations in a little composition notebook really helps my rambling in these entries as far as content, no? Ha ha. I think so.. I've already spent like 45 minutes on this so far.. Wow. I should really go to bed because we're leaving for Zermat tomorrow at 1000 and its already past midnight, but i'm on a role, so, oh-well.

Let's start some further rambling..

I've done a lot of eating lately. Almost assumed that i would.. But not entirely on my own accord. I've eaten a lot with my grandparent's on both sides of the family, and they constantly insist that i do not eat enough, if i would like some more, and i've I'm absolutely certain i wouldn't like any more.. Sometimes just giving me more without really asking me, or if they asked me, ignoring what i responded with completely and giving me more anyway. My comfortable capacity for food is about 1 and a half meals a day. This is optimal for me, and this is what i am comfortable with. Instead, i've been getting 2 huge meals which in my terms count for 4 meals, if not more. Ouch. I'm not concerned about gaining weight or anything. This isn't a problem because my metabolism is so fast that i tend to lose weight easier then i gain it. It is, however, having to do with my comfort. When i eat more than 2 meals a day, i'm really not comfortable anymore. I like the feeling of being hungry better than the feeling of being full. I can ignore the feeling of being hungry, i can't easily ignore the feeling of being way too full. Heh, oh well.. just my ramblings. My dad and joked about the "are you sure you don't want more" thing tonight at dinner when we were with my grandparent's (Sommer). I asked him if he was sure that he didn't want any more strawberries as his plate was still filled. Ha ha. Heh..

Interesting story.. My grandma (Sommer) wanted to name Fritz, my uncle, Sebastian (however you spell that), but, they did not because his initials would have been S.S. This was in the later fifties, but WWII was still fresh on peoples minds. To have the initials S.S. would brand you, in a way, a relation to the ex-Nazi Secret Police which were known for their ruthlessness and brutality, and are still described this way today. Interesting, no?

I sometimes feel, or get the impression that my grandma (Sommer) feels that she does not see us enough. She see's me about a few times a year, Andrea every other year.. Because we live 10000km away and only come to Switzerland in the summer. I think that she feels as though she is missing out on her grandchildren from her daughter Margret. She always ask's when the next time is that she will see us, or the next time we'll come and eat dinner or lunch with them.. I am somewhat saddened that she can not get her fair and full share..

It's also interesting how one always invites company for lunch or dinner. Yes, a table is ideal for conversation, however, eating does quench conversation a bit, no? Heh, i dunno. I feel, in no conceited respect, that my company could be appreciated or enjoyed better without eating being involved. Then again, i have a slight prejudice against eating. Ha ha...

I've now spent an hour on this entry. Is this all i have to show for an hour? Heh, i blame multi-tasking.

Hrm, i believe i have two more thing "on my mind" and then i will be done with my ramblings, as i have come to like to call them. All of you enjoying my grammar? Mmh-mmm..

I noticed this glow in my grandma's (Lüthy) eyes when my dad and mom arrived. She really likes my mom, her daughter-in-law. She pulled my mom towards her and gave her a hug, and was really bright and glowing when she got to see her again. I like that. That's how extended family should be. *shrugs*

On the other hand, however.. I like less how my mom belittles her parents by treating them less than grown up adults. I'm pretty sure that is the last thing they want. I dunno.. I'd say more, but i haven't observed it enough to really say much more because my mom has only been here for 2 days..

Some things i wanted to post just to have a few days back.. Conversations mainly..

Of Jesse's Birthday and his newly wed wife..

(22:35:43) Marco: so.. you got jesse an inflatable wife? lol.. what he say?
(22:35:50) Jessica Hamm (s): he loved her
(22:35:53) Jessica Hamm (s): or loves..
(22:35:56) Jessica Hamm (s): whichever
(22:36:04) Marco: lol, is it like.. one of those sex-dolls?
(22:36:14) Jessica Hamm (s): yeah, there's a patch-kit to make a hole, lol
(22:36:29) Jessica Hamm (s): she's really ugly too

(22:35:49) Marco: how's the wife?
(22:35:57) Jesse Orosco: lol....
(22:36:02) Jesse Orosco: she's ummm she's doing okay i suppose
(22:36:07) Jesse Orosco: you heard about that eh?
(22:36:10) Marco: oh yes
(22:36:10) Marco: lol
(22:36:24) Marco: have fun in the bed with her, yet? *nudge nudge* you lonely pervert!
(22:36:40) Jesse Orosco: hah, i may be a pervert, but i am no longer lonely!!!!
(22:36:47) Marco: oooooo!!!!
(22:36:52) Jesse Orosco: faced!
(22:36:54) Marco: ouch!
(22:37:49) Jesse Orosco: i bet that hurts
(22:37:57) Marco: oh it stings..
(22:38:00) Marco: stings so good
(22:38:06) Jesse Orosco: lol just the way you like it ;)
(22:38:10) Marco: mmmmhmm

Ripped straight from Andy's blog, and here only because i want my own copy of it..

"Jesse has a new best friend, I don't think we'll be seeing him for awhile.

For a long while...

For a really really long while... "

I got a lovely spam/virus email.. Here are some of the highlights:

Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 18:33:18 +0200
From: noreply at www.luethy.net
To: marco
Subject: Mail Account
1 Shown 3 lines Text (charset: Unknown)
2 30 KB Application

[ The following text is in the "Windows-1252" character set. ]
[ Your display is set for the "ISO-8859-1" character set. ]
[ Some characters may be displayed incorrectly. ]

Your mail account has been closed.
For further details see the document.

[ Part 2, Application/OCTET-STREAM (Name: "account.exe") 40KB. ]
[ Cannot display this part. Press "V" then "S" to save in a file. ]

Funny thing is, last i checked, i was the administrator of my mail server..

And some IRC commentary on this email..

<topher> nungana> for further details ... run this program? lol
<nungana> lol
<nungana> no no.. see attached "document"
<nungana> d'uh...
<topher> oh, duh
<nungana> i love not being an idiot.
<nungana> when it comes to computers/the internet, anyway...
<moerf> well
<moerf> what would the document say?
<nungana> unlike moerf here.
<iosif> hahaha
<iosi> moerf: instructions on how to get your account back
<moerf> I see
<moerf> lol
<iosif> ololololooooollol

This is pretty old, but i saw it in Jesse's AIM profile..

Marco (9:21:07 PM): the spam smells like bacon.
Marco (9:21:11 PM): said the man
Marco (9:21:14 PM): in an apron.
Jesse (9:21:48 PM): that spam is nothing more than veal
Jesse (9:21:50 PM): said the lady
Jesse (9:21:51 PM): in teal
Marco (9:22:28 PM): ha! laughed a man with a bat, you think it is nothing more? the man tip's his hat.
Jesse (9:25:37 PM): very much i do replied the broad, i think it to be true, but all knew she was nothing more than a fraud
Marco (9:27:45 PM): ahh shit replied the fish, who had seen the fraudulant broad come flying..
Jesse (9:29:59 PM): that same fradulant broad slam dunked the fish onto a dish, so he made a wish, but that wish was not meant to be, for you see, there were none who were more unholy than he
Marco (9:31:18 PM): dammit.. you win.

Because i have not yet had the chance to write anything with these notes yet, i'm going to post them instead.. Just because i want to.. These are the notes/observations i wrote down during a thunderstorm which lasted for about an hour beginning to end. Here they are..

13:15 - sitting
13:30 - thunder
14:45 - downpour
14:00 - funeral bells, mist falls
14:15 - its over
An hour of rain..

sitting in Buehne on some wagon
thunder sounded like one long continuing thing
sounds like a jet is flying in circles above or as though someone was shaking a big piece of thin metal up and down and not stopping
no pause in the noise, the rumble and moaining of the sky, beautiful, in a sense

you hear a rattle, or a unmelodic jingle on the brick tile roofing which is literally all that is above (elaborate) slow thinking, what is that_ and then a gust of wind and bam a wall of water is falling before you looking out the buehne window
the air violently turns cool and clashes grumble through the air.. bright illuminating flashes of light lighten the surroundings for half seconds illuminating the gloomy and gray environment

staring ou the window, a slow trickle explodes into very heavy drops and amounts of rain

such amounts of rain that it brings new meaning to flash flood

the water relentlessly falls from the sky making one ponder what one would think about it if we had no modern science, no understanding ot the clouds and percipitation as we do , today.

accross, down below i see others watching the rain fall with as much fascination and awe at th ebeauty as myself

the rain's direction of fall angles and alters.. a more vertical fall to a more horizontal fall.

the rain drops thicken to where one can watch one quickly decend, picking it out before zou amongst the many others.

unique to be under the brick tile to hear the rain fall

clatter and tinker of the rains collision with the roof

the strengh and amount of rain increases and decreases

the amount increases, the tinkering on the brick roof emits a different, new kind of clank and ping, looking out the window the rain changes to falling at an angle almost perfectly vertical to the ground and the semi translucent balls of white mold into a heavy stream of quick moving white streaks as hail begins to pellet the ground, this is why the sound on the roof changed.

suddenly, as quickly as it came, the downpour of ice and water ceases and a gentle down fall of barely visible water gently falls from the sky. no more audiable signs of the rain on the roof or thunder in the air. people resume their normal daily activities and the time goes on.

In the distance the dark sky lightens

gentle raise of smoke can be seen in the nealy cooled air coming from a sporadic arrangement of roof top chimneys from a sprinkled amounnts of houses

In the distance the hills and forests are sillhouetted against the light and white cloud cover, lit from behind, in the forefront still shaded by dark, quickly passing clouds- low hanging some fog and mist finds itself captured down low and between and above the patches of forested areas.

as the rain stops/ceases a new sort of clarity is visible through the lightly falling mist.

a bit before 14:00
the funeral bells ring at the town church- someone was just burried and the funeral ceremony coompleted.

in the downfall of the rain and water one life is gone, but renewed is the earth with a new clarity restored.

bells last for around 15 minutes

in the distance one can hear thunder, again.

the sky lightens, still covedred by clouds though the dark, gray floom discipates

unexpectedly, the rain begins to fall again, pelleting of the brick roof

a dampened clash of thunder roars

in the distance, more dark clouds?

it is just the last few clouds emptying out before passing by, over the mountains- a heavy, but gentle fall of rain

beneath a little stone abd brick/tile veranda? is a next of hay and straw in which a cat sleeps, sheltered from the rain by the circular verdana? above which stands overlooking a little hill/drop.

the church bells cease for the funeral and as though as on cue, the rain picks up and violently falls from the darkening sky! it falls vertically.

the air becomes cooler, i shiver


down pour turns into mist as the church chimes once for 14:15

thunder disipates.

the cat, never moved, still lays there sleeping, wakes up and inspects its surroundings without moving a leg, from its little comfortable next.

a slight mist+ sprinkling continues to calmly fall.

3s=1km, 5s=1 mile away is the lightning strike

That should definitely do it for this rather large entry. Wow.. Ha ha, anyone read it all? Bravo if you did, and.. I'm sorry that you did. Must have been very boring, and painful.