46 days of school till summer
Published Wednesday April 10th, 2002

Ghetto site: http://itsa.ucsf.edu/~erikred/brick/index.html

Well then, sure have a lot of pictures and things today, ey? Yes! Well then... school.. BLEK.. anyways... hrm.. yes, well then.... half way through the stupid week of stupid school... grrr.... anyways... i cant wait for weekend!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEKEND! where are yOU!? no more of this school BS!!!!! NO MORE! ...tired... snore.....
hrm, what have i been up to lately? Nothing... School.. in other words basicaly nothing... just. boredom tiredness and... yep thats it. I want weekend now! now i say! now! hmph.. yesterday i started a little php script to bypass all the schools stupid internet site blocking... my scrip will get the page, parse it and change all the urls then parse for all the images, grab them and then change the path to something thats not blocked.... HAHAHA! take that friggn loosers at the district blocking MY site! Screw YOU! Ok, that be it for today. I HATE SCHOOL