Leavin' for Switzerland.
Published Sunday July 22nd, 2001

Welp... today at about 1500 i shall be in a Swissair MD11 off to Zurich Switzerland. I'll be in switzerland for about 3 1/2 weeks without parents or siblings, instead ill be visiting all my relatives and just chillin' in Switzerland! I return to LAX on August 15th.
Hmm... i've noticed that these posts are always done between 0100 and 0500... haha, whats that all about? Hm, well.... then, i havent really slept since last friday morning and umm.. its sunday....*blinks* My friends and i on nerd day decided not to go to sleep and instead discuss pricings and stuff for Source Design. We now have a prety good idea of what we'll charge. But ofcourse we'll probably amend the pricing further more... Ok, well... its 0130, or about, and i must get up tomorrow at around 1000-1030 since im leacing for the airport at 1130. Welp, yess, next post will mostlikely be from Switzerland! Till then...