Marco Rambles Pointlessly
Published Thursday June 8th, 2006

Watch out! Some opinionated jibber jabber follows. You’re likely not to agree. That’s fine, but you don’t need to let me know because I care as much as a right-wing conservative cares about what a left-wing liberal has to say.

So... Here is a collection of reasons why the United Sates of America is fucking retarded. I start of with an article from Ars Technica. “Sony America takes no position on this delicate moral question, but it does have doubts that the US market is ready for the same level of erotic activity as that approved by Japanese consumers. The company has decided to take a pass on publishing the Rule of Rose in the US,” because forbid that anyone get upset by a little pornography.


Meh.. There’s just no point to this. I just need to leave this place. People on the right will be on the right, and people on the left will be on the left. I was going to bitch about net neutrality, I was going to bitch about those against same sex marriage, I was going to bitch about illegal immigration, I was going to bitch about the Media, and I was going to bitch pointlessly just like most on the left and right always seem to be doing. But it’s all so pointless. It’s all so tiresome. It seems like people have become way too wound up in politics with never changing opinions. Where people this wound up in politics a century ago? I don’t know, probably. Where can I go to escape from retarded politics? If you know, please do tell me.

At work I tend to steer far and clear of any political conversation. My flaming liberal, far left opinions would send me straight to the blender set to super fast blend and would perhaps be accompanied with some hate and disgust. Why is it that very polar opinions seem to result in hatred? The right hates the left and the left hates the right. They’re just opinions.. It’s just like hating someone because they like the colour yellow. That’s ridiculous. So much time, effort, and money is spent arguing either side of the political plane.. It just seems to retarded. Like usual.. I really don’t know where I’m going with what I’m saying. I’m tempted just to delete everything I’ve typed because even it seems pointless and retarded.

Here are my opinions on some current events. I think that video games should not be banned anywhere. Of course, I also think minors should not have access to very violent games, but no adult should be banned access to a violent game. I don’t think a Berlin Wall clone will be a good solution to illegal immigration. That just seems like a dream for a right-wing utopia. In fact, I think anyone should be let in. Immigration should be a seamless, streamlined thing. Remove immigration quotas and make the paper work simpler and easier. If too many immigrants are coming in and taking your job, perhaps you suck at whatever you’re doing? Minimum wage should be increased and corporations should be regulated in such a fashion that currently employed people wont lose their jobs to an immigrant. Same sex marriage shouldn’t be such a big deal, and it should be allowed because the Sanctity of Marriage is a hallucination and the Bible is definitely no authority. I really don’t understand how two men or two women marrying somehow negates the value of the marriage between a man and a woman. Stupid religions mumbo jumbo. I’m all for religious tolerance, but religious tolerance is not forcing your own religion onto others via the law. I hate that the most. You can believe in your religion. That’s cool.. but fuck off. .. But I guess this is all just a dream for a left-wing utopia.

Since the right can’t agree with the left, and the left can’t agree with the right.. Let’s listen more to what the middle says.

Or something...

rabble rabble rabble rabble.. I really got nothing at all to say just like most everyone else with opinons. I’ll just stop rambling.. but for some reason post this entry anyway... Again.. another reason why I don't ever write serious argumentative articles. I lose interest way too fast. I really should just stop trying all together.

By the way.. watched “Everything is Illuminated” with Matt and Chelsea right now.. If you have the chance, I recommend it. It was really good.. and the photography was absolutely beautiful.

Finally... if you don’t know who Sergei Korolev is, it’s a rather interesting read on Wikipedia. One of those really amazing but not frequently mentioned people.

... Enough rambling for now.. I deem this entry “pretty stupid.”
Posted by The fatty @ 08:48, June 10, 2006
I agree completely with you. In America a century ago, people were just as involved with politics or even more so. At least that is what my extremely boring U.S. history book says. *shrugs* Sorry, that was completely useless info, but meh, it made a comment? Yay for space!