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Published Friday May 21st, 2004

Oh crap.. I haven't made an entry in some time, and lots has happened. This'll be another long one. Woo!

Lets begin with a typical recap. Sunday, i woke up.. Pulled up my laptop from next to my bed and chatted on irc in my bed and arranged some plans for the day. Danielle came over and we waited around a bit while i ate some food. Tyson, Chris, Matt and Wes showed up and we watched a movie called The Fog. Laughed and were bored at the same time by the movie. Kate came after a bit, and brought a bunch of candy. We each contributed a dollar to the candy purchase. Jesse showed up towards the end of The Fog. I had just gotten a hair cut. Aww, no more shaggy Jesse. We then watched House of the Dead, by which we were extremely amused by the senselessness of the entire movie. It was excellent. We hung about a bit, then went to the Habit for dinner. After this, we returned to my house where we watched some South Park and then some Family Guy. A lot of the random episodes we watched had to do with fat for no reason at all. Ey? Tyson, Wes and Matt left, soon Jesse left and it was just Danielle, Chris and myself. We watched another Family Guy episode. I then cleaned up the guesthouse a bit, we chatted, and they left at around 2100. Adam showed up 20 minutes or so after because he was bored. We hung out in my room, watched a few brief random video clips from the net, and, yatta yatta. After Adam left, i watched Star Trek Enterprise on tape. I hung about a bit, listened to music and finally got to bed at around 0230ish.

Monday was a typical monday. First period was awesome. I got there, sat down, put my head down and that was it. When i lifted my head again, class had ended. A complete hour had zoomed by and i didnt even realize it. It was awesome, i was quite happy because 1st period is painful to stay awake through because most people who talk aloud in that class are complete and total idiots. It was the fastest class i've ever had, it should happen more frequently, i think. The rest of my day at school was pretty monotanous. I went home, ate lunch and then took a nap. I got up at 1445, sat around a bit untill 1605 and then picked up Danielle, Adam, and then Jesse. We met up with Tyson at Edwards Theatre. Adam got us 4 free tickets for the first 4 people who were arranged to go. We saw A Day Without A Mexican. The best movie ever made! That is, if best means worst. Yeah. It was really stupid, and really bad, and it sucked a whole bunch, and i surely do not recomment anyone ever see it. Good thing it was free. After the agony ended, we left in horror. I dropped Jesse off at home. Tyson left us and returned home as well. Danielle, Adam and I went and ate dinner at Del Taco. After that, we went for a quick spin on my back road. Showed Danielle a little "Off-roading" time. We continued to just drive around randomly having our little random fun. Adam ding-dong-ditched Mr. Crowell... twice! I got home at some point around 2200. Earlier that day i had recieved the 2 CD's i bought by Sneaker Pimps, Becoming X and Bloodsport. I like them. No one else seems to, though. Oh well, this is just about normal. I went to bed around 0030.

Tuesday started with boring school as usual. When i went home, i ate lunch and took a nap untill 1500. Sat around a bit. At 1615 i left and picked up Adam to go and see Mean Girls, once again, for free. Thanks Adam. Tyson and Raymond came with as well. It was actually not a bad movie at all. Had funny moments, made me laugh and i didn't feel like putting a gun to my head like i did when i saw the movie i'd seen just a day before, A Day Without A Mexican. When the movie finished, we left.. I dropped off Adam at home, and returned home myself to eat dinner. I took a nap after dinner because i didn't feel so terribly great. Took a shower, sat around into the night.

On Wednesday, during school, i was attacked by Laura's lotion once again. This time by Laura. I could smell it untill i got home and was able to wash it off. Gem was in english class, again. She'd been absent the past 2 days. Horrah, someone to converse with in English class. i came home from school and ate lunch, again! Ha. This process seems to be becoming repetative. I had an hour long conversation during and after lunch with my mom, which was nice. At 1415 i went to Danielle's house. Didn't nap at all. Danielle, Dianne, Mike, Matt, Andy, Kristen, Jesse and I went to Blenders and then Andy and I got our tuxes, met up with everyone again at Mission Oaks park where we hung around untill 1700 at which time we all dispursed. Was a fun little afternoon and outting. Was good for Dianne to do something fun and get her mind off things a bit. Heh. Hi Dianne. *waves*
I got back home, sat around into the evening entertaining myself with random things. At 2000 i watched a very excellent episode of Star Trek Enterprise. Into the rest of the night i lay on my bed with my laptop watching the History Channel on my desktop. Woo!

Thursday was once again school as usual. I failed an English test 2nd period, though. Woot. After German, i got to take the rescheduled German Ap test from 1100 untill 1500! Woo hoo!! Now that was a whole lot of fun. As much fun as seeing A Day without A Mexican, twice. I have never spoken german worse in my life. I was trembling while taking the test.. So stupid. It sucked. A Lot. The guy on the tape who spoke little prompts and selections of german on which questions were asked, had a really thick northern Germany accent which i have trouble understanding. That really garbled and mushed German accent. I had trouble understanding anything. Woo hoo! Then, on the speaking part where you make up a story on some pictures you see, i didnt get through all 6 pictures, even though you're supposed too. D'oh! Oh well. Whatever.

After i got home from the extended day at school/Ap, i got to my bed, and lay down for sleep. My napping schedule had been tampered with! I napped from 1530ish untill 1800. Had dinner when i woke up, and after dinner i went, picked up Adam and drove to Mike's house where i installed some games on my laptop, we traded some files, and had a lovely time doing a lot of nothing. When it was time to leave, only time to leave because Adam needed to go home.. We left, i dropped Adam off at home. I felt at peace and content and decided i would like to drive around a bit more, so i did. I drove back on Santa Rosa road all the way to Moorpark, then back to camarillo on the 118. I got home at around 0100, and here, on my bed, i have been since. I installed Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic onto my portable hard disk, and now plan on playing it once i finish this entry.

I finally got some photos from the beach two weeks ago from Mike. The following photos were taken by Mike.

Marwin is sitting in the fort/castle thing. Chris and I are standing around.

I love this photo. Tyson and I are standing on the log which we moved to the position it finds itself in this photo. In the background: Jesse, Matt, Chelsea and Kate. I really like this photo, with Tyson and I on the log, and people between us in the background. Its really cool. Nice Mike, nice.

This photo is only here because i look so stupid, and its entertaining to see.

And now, some photos of the fort castle bunker thingy we built.

Thanks for the photos, Mike.

Heh, at the begining of the week, when it was not yet sure where we would go after prom, the plan was to show up at my house, and use my guesthouse. I told my mom that we planned on using the guesthouse, and she got rather excited because she wanted to setup some things for us when we arrived. She said that she can never do anything for me, that she wanted to do something for me. Heh. My mom does things for me all the time, plenty of things. All the time. Heh, i felt sort of bad when the plans changed and that she could no longer prepare the guesthouse. heh... Random ramblings.

I like how nearly all 653 results on google.com when one searches for "marco luethy" refer or have to do with me. Take a look. Speaking of Google results, a while back i wrote in a blog entry about completely random text. Now when one searches for "completely random text" on google, the first result is said blog entry! Woot! haha. Goal achieved. In no relation to any of what i just said, came accross this sort of cool site. La de do.

So.. Later today is Prom. Wooo. My plan of attack: Get ready at 1730. Leave my house at 1745 to pick up Matt, Matt's friend, and Kate. Go to Prom. After prom, go to Tyson's Grandma's Guesthouse. Woo! Heh. Hopefully it'll be fun. If not, d'oh. I'll be sure to bring a spare change of clothes with me in my car so that as soon as i leave prom (which is to be held at the Ronald Regan Library over in Moorpark/Simi Valley), i can change into comfortable, sane, and normal, loose clothing.

On sunday, Tyson, Matt, Jessica and I (so far) plan on going on a hike over in Ojai. Saturday, i have no plans, i think. Sleep. And.. Stuff. *shrugs* Its just over a month untill i will no longer be in this country. Anticipation. Its overwhelming. Baah. Heh.

Anyway, it is time to bring this entry to a closing.
Posted by DI @ 11:42, May 21, 2004
Hi Marco! *waves* And you're right, you do look pretty silly in that picture. But I love the beach fort. That's fantastic!

Posted by Margret @ 16:04, May 21, 2004
Marco, I enjoyed our talk too, I will remember it when you are gone. About the Guest House, it would have been nice, but I'm happy to know were you all are going and it sounds very nice. What a nice Grandmother, to lend you that House. Have a save and happy time together!! Margret