5 Days till. Summer is great!
Published Saturday July 6th, 2002

Well then, Epiar.net is officially up and launched! Excellent, think you not? Progress on Epiar is going well... within the next few days 0.18 will roll out and oooo Chris has done some nice work on it. We've also acquired a skilled 3d modeler... excellent, now Epiar will have nice graphics... And.. yea.. yesterday i moved epiar.sourceforge.net to epiar.net and redid the layout... looks nice, no? Anyways.. enought about Epiar...
Hrm, Ya.... I'm leaving for Switzerland in 5 days, im leaving on july 11th at 15:00 (thursday, this week). I'm very excited.. lalalala! I'll be returning on... uhh.. August 15th or something... Anyways, while im in switzerland, ill be sure to frequently make news postings and upload images to this site. If you're not yet subscribed to the newsletter mailing list, you can subscribe here.

Hrm.. so, not much new... I'm enjoying summer quite much, i go to bed at 0500 and i get up around 1600... its lovely, i must say... Indeed!

[Mike, Chris, Me, and Adam]

Hrm, so last tuesday/thursday I had Chris, Adam and Mike over for a LAN "party". We hung out in my guesthouse with all our computers networked up and played Unreal Tournament and some other games over the LAN... That was fun.. i think we finaly got to bed at around 0600 or thereabouts.. Hrm.. anyways. after Mike left at around 16:00, Chris, Adam and I were left in a bit of a bored state... Then we found legos from my sister Andrea laying around the guesthouse... Soooo, we started messin' around.. And thus resulted this lego story... enjoy? (this would also be the end of this news posting.)

Way Trippin' Lego Story

Once, there was a Weird Random Odd Party.

Super Crazy Bad Dude heard of this and raced to the event.

Super Crazy bad Dude flored the gas...

...And took some people out.

Dissapointed that the Weird Random Odd Party was over, Super Crazy Bad Dude then fled the scene.

Somewhere over an ocean, an Unsettling Man had been hung from a Floating
Useless Bridge.

Super Crazy Bad Dude noticed and once again raced to the scene.

Super Crazy Bad Dude approached Unsettling Man on the Floating Useless

Super Crazy Bad Dude swiped Unsettling Man and added Unsettling Man's
legs to his collection.

Super Crazy Bad Dude got back to shore and left his boat.

Out of nowhere Wrinkled Ol' Drugged Rex Eats Super Crazy Bad Dudes head!

Pissed off, Super Crazy Headless Bad Dude turns around and takes out
Innocent Boat Man.

Super Crazy Headless Bad Dude comes to a screeching halt.